How to Reduce Car Pollution Level During Smog Season?

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How to Reduce Car Pollution Level During Smog Season?   26th Feb 2020

One of the most serious problems in today’s date is pollution, whether it is air, water, noise or otherwise. Air pollution has led to an increase in health issues and has become an issue that needs to be resolved at the earliest. A major contributor to it is car pollution. There are thousands and thousands of cars on the streets at any given point of time, and they emit smoke and other harmful gases which have only added to the pollution, and the situation only gets worse when there is already smog in the atmosphere due to other air pollutants. As a responsible citizen, and more so as a human, here are some ways you can help reduce the car pollution levels during smog season:

  • Try to Warm up Your Car in Advance: During the winters, when the smog is the worst, cars take slightly longer to start, especially if it is a few years old and runs on diesel, so it is advisable that you warm it up a few minutes before you actually have to leave. This way, the car does not consume too much fuel, does not emit high quantities of smoke or gas and thus, helps reduce the pollution a little.
  • Turn Off the Engine When the Car Isn’t Moving: It is a very common tip, yet many people do not follow it. When you are at a red light or have pulled over to the side for a short period, make sure to turn off the engine or at least the air conditioning since it puts more pressure on the engine, which in turn burns more fuel. The more you save fuel, the less pollution you cause.
  • Do Not Skip on Maintenance: A car is an investment, and you must take care of it. Irrespective of whether you experience a breakdown or not, make sure to take it to the workshop regularly to get the issues fixed. If you continue to drive your car despite there being something wrong with it, it will consume larger quantities of fuel and will thus cause more air pollution. Also, make sure that you do subscribe to private car insurance in India for protection against any losses caused to the car.
  • Make Sure to Get A Pollution Check: Every couple of months, take your car to get a pollution check done, so you know its level of emissions and can understand if it does adhere to the pollution regulations. With an increase in the level of air pollution, the government has made is mandatory to get a Pollution Under Control Certificate which states that your car is not releasing a high amount of smoke or gas and is thus, allowed to be driven around.
  • Choose to Travel Via Public Transport: One of the best options is to leave your car behind and to take a means of public transport instead, such as the bus or the metro/local train. Indeed, this option might not always be the most comfortable, but it goes a long way in reducing the level of pollution since there are fewer cars on the roads.
  • With the way things have escalated in terms of the pollution, it is imperative that you keep certain habits in check to not contribute to it any further. The way people take private

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    in India very seriously, they must also take environmental concerns equally seriously.