How to port your health insurance to Magma HDI?

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How to port your health insurance to Magma HDI?   17th Decemver 2019

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has extended the privilege of porting health insurance to all policyholders since 2011. What this means for you is that at the time of renewing your policy, you have the option to change your insurance provider.

Wondering how that works? Keep reading to find answers to the most common concerns about porting insurance in India.

Can you port your policy without losing benefits?

Some of the advantages of porting your health insurance policy is finding affordable premiums or better policy features without compromising on the continuity benefits of your policy. In other words, it helps you in your journey to find the best health insurance policy in India .

For instance, say a medical condition wasn’t included in your health insurance policy for the first two years due to a waiting period of 3 years. In this case, the two years from the earlier policy will be reduced, and you’ll get the waiting period of one year on the new policy.

How much time do you need for porting?

Typically, you can port a health insurance policy within 45-60 days of the date of expiry. However, it may change from insurer to insurer. The rules of porting not only apply to the policyholder but the insurer as well. Hence, the new insurer should respond within 15 days of receiving your portability request.

What documents do you need for porting your health insurance?

If you do decide to switch your insurance provider, you will need the following documents:

1. The policy documents issued by your existing insurer

2. Information specific to the renewal of the policy

3. A self-declaration if no claims were made in the previous policy

4. For claim settlements, send discharge summary, investigation report, and other related documents as a proof

Why should you port your health insurance to Magma HDI?

The OneHealth insurance plan from Magma HDI is a comprehensive policy that offers you protection from the financial liabilities of healthcare, offers discount options for your premium and gives you the options of add-ons such as a critical illness cover to leave you completely worry-free!

Here are some other features offered by the policy:

1. 24x7 claim assistance

2. Cashless hospitalization across 4100+ hospitals

3. It also offers as many as 16 key benefits such as loss of income cover, maternity cover etc.

Process for porting your health insurance policy to Magma HDI

If you want to port your existing health insurance plan to Magma HDI, you should do it within 45 days before your policy's date of renewal. Given below is the process behind successfully porting your insurance-

1. Ask for a portability form from Magma HDI or fill the form online. Provide accurate details in this form. The company’s team of underwriters will cross check your details with your current insurer within 7 days from submission.

2. This information goes to IRDAI where your existing insurer will also give the details about your coverage and claims in a prescribed format.

3. With these details, the underwriting team at Magma HDI will have access to the history of your plan. They will make a proposal according to the company’s underwriting norms.

4. The team at Magma HDI will then send across the proposal to your existing insurer within 15 days. The last step is the acceptance of the proposal by your existing insurer.

So, this is how you can easily port your

health insurance policy

to Magma HDI. Check out their website for more information on their OneHealth policy.