How rock climbing can help you boost your leadership skills

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How rock climbing can help you boost your leadership skills?  20th Sept 2021


There was a time when only those with unbelievable daring and high tolerance levels could enjoy rock climbing. But today, time is changing; with modern gears and professional instructors, anyone with passion and some training can exercise the sport of climbing.
Mountain climbing is the sport of climbing rocky surfaces with the aid of ropes and equipment. The goal is to reach an endpoint or a summit of a structure.

It is a physically demanding sport that combines fitness and agility with mental strength. It forces you to push your body's ability further to conquer an ascend or traverse. It may be difficult for some, but that is just another positive aspect of the adventure. The activity gives you a mental and physical boost with an immense sense of accomplishment.

One of the significant benefits is boosting your leadership qualities. As rock climbing is a preferred group activity, it becomes the ultimate classroom with lessons applicable to all aspects of life, including business, management, and leadership.

So, here are some of the important lessons you learn during your way up that eventually make a big difference in your leadership skills.

Trust – important of all! Trust and confidence within the team of climbers is a quintessential skill required during mountain climbing. You may enter situations where your life depends upon your teammate's abilities, and for this, their capability and competence must convince you. Trust cannot be earned or given in a moment. It requires several sub qualities like confidence, proficiency, transparency, and patience. You need to be familiar with each other's strengths and weaknesses and to be confident about relying on someone in the future.

Everyone has their fortes in climbing. For example, some are proficient in rock climbing, whereas others secure the rope while your partner climbs, so we must trust each other to lead when necessary. These are qualities of a good leader that he acts as a team player and not a commander.

Decision making – a remarkable ability! The adventure compels you to make many pivotal and critical decisions during your climb. Your one wrong decision can lead to a consequential mission termination, delay conquering the rock or even a mishap. It requires clarity of mind to work through solving problems. Being able to prioritise and understand the bigger picture is critical to navigating through obstacles.

A great way of decision-making in such environmental conditions is the OODA loop used by the US military. OODA stands for observe, orient, decide and act. OODA is a four-step loop approach that focuses on decision making by filtering available information, putting it in context, and making the most appropriate decision while understanding that alterations should be made (if necessary) when more data is gathered. It is helpful in scenarios where the ability to react to changing circumstances is vital.

Another leadership quality is 'care and concern'. No doubt on the hike, you look out for each other, but that is not enough. Ensure that everyone has a personal accident insurance policy, as it is a necessity that many may overlook.

Is a good leader enough for a successful trek trip? Absolutely not! Every individual requires a skill set for this sport. Skills of navigation, communications, survival, and climbing are all necessary. In addition, rock climbing requires courage and determination. The hard work of ascending is worth the peace at the top.

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