Here is how Magma HDI is revolutionizing claim settlement.  18th Jun 2019

Thanks to the technology, computers or the smart phone in your hand filing a claim has never been easier.

For instance in case your vehicle meets with an accident and when you make a claim, Magma HDI trusts you and lets you take charge of the process . You don’t have to fill lengthy forms, attach documents of proof, or undergo a tedious process in getting your claim registered. All you need to do is attach a soft copy of your request and documentation and email us, or better yet! Fill your claim form online.

You can simply conduct a quick self-survey by clicking pictures of the damage vehicle with your smartphone, send it to Magma HDI’s online ‘Claim Updation’, and before you get home, the customer support ninjas at Magma HDI would have begun actioning your request.

The support staff operates 24x7, 365 days a year, ensuring your insurance claims are processed faster and these minor mishaps don’t create roadblocks in your life’s plans.

Apart from your faith and testimonial, we also have numbers backing us, higher percentages just don’t make for an excellent report card! They also account for credible insurance providers., Magma HDI has been able to outclass general insurance industry average in claim settlements. While the general insurance industry averages 87.2%, Magma HDI notched ahead at 91.8% in FY 18-19, with only 8.15% outstanding claims. The extremely convenient and efficient claim settlement procedure at Magma HDI has ensured less than 30-day claim settlement for almost 87.17% of the total claims made in the year.

We believe that you should be in control when it comes to making a claim or registering a service. Insurance is built on trust, if there is a one-stop general insurance partner who understands your needs and empowers you with total transparency, look no further than Magma HDI.