Healthcare tips: How to keep yourself safe during Diwali in COVID-19

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Healthcare tips: How to keep yourself safe during Diwali in COVID-19  27th November 2020


The festival of lights seems to be around the corner and preparations seem to be at the same pace as the previous years. Considering the fact at how the other festivals have been celebrated around the year with a different twist, courtesy of the Novel coronavirus, even the festival of lights will be something different.
Diwali 2020 is here, but so is the global pandemic. Thankfully, there are ways where we can have a vibe and energy of the festival, but with precautions at a limit. The good news is you can keep your excitements intact besides still enjoying them and cherishing the moments with your family with these few guidelines.

Healthcare tips for Diwali 2020 To ensure proper safety and security and an environment where people can enjoy the festivities, the government has laid out essential guidelines to help the common public enjoy the festivities with ease. While the large gatherings and events are crucial, here are the other procedures to help you enjoy a safe and prosperous Diwali amidst the


outbreak and social distancing norms.
● Refrain from using sanitisers before lighting Diya/candles

Refrain It is always advisable that you don’t use sanitiser before lighting up crackers. The nature of hand sanitiser makes them based on alcohol; therefore, it might risk exposure to burns when you decide to burn a cracker or light diyas due to its explosive nature.
However, to enjoy a safe Diwali while saving yourself from the virus, we recommend you wash your hands with soap and water before doing anything which involves lighting fire.

● Keep sanitiser away from fire

Just like you should keep crackers away from gas stoves, similar is the situation with sanitiser bottles.
While they are essential, it is crucial to understand the hazards that might come involved with the same. Their flammable nature might lead to an explosion when it comes in contact with a spark. Therefore, it is always advisable to keep your sanitiser bottles away from the scene where crackers are being lit.

● Keep water handy

Rather than carrying sanitisers with you everywhere, consider keeping water in close contact with the place where you are celebrating Diwali or merely lighting up the Diyas.
This way, you not only save yourself from the chances of spreading infection but also prevent injuries that can happen while you are opting for fireworks. Instead of carrying sanitisers everywhere, you can consider bringing water and paper soap instead. Since they are safer and you can easily wash your hands anywhere without the danger of catching fire.

● Maintain physical distancing

We understand the festivities need you to come closer to your family and spend quality time around. Remember, even Covid is around us, and we need to keep a note of the same.
We suggest you follow the government norms even while enjoying Diwali with your family and maintain the norms of social distancing. This way, you can not only enjoy the festivities at peace but also be sure that your close ones are safe. Besides trying to stay indoors, we also suggest that you prefer greeting your loved ones over video calls rather than meeting them. However, even if you meet them, do not opt for shaking hands and try welcoming the Indian way of namaste.

● Don't forget your mask

Mask is a must, while it is okay to celebrate all your festivities at your pace. Remember, there’s a reason that masks are suggested to you.
Do not forget to put on your mask even when you are stepping out or, better; you can also put it on while you are bursting crackers as this way, it will not only save you from the virus but also help you stay away from the pollution caused by the same.

● Follow all precautions

While it has been a familiar scene for people to be not following precautions and taking the pandemic lightly, we advise you to keep an account of all the precautions that are suggested and try to keep yourself and your family safe.