Health Cover! Why do you need it

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Health Cover! Why do you need it?  05th May 2021


Health Cover, is it an option or luxury? Well, it’s a necessity! Having a financial tool that covers your medical bills & saves you from a hole in the pocket is a must.

To begin with, what's a health cover?

Insurance policies are oriented towards your fitness and give coverage to your medical bills and expenses on a payable premium. These health covers are the best ways of saving your big hospital bills, and with passing times, it's turned into more of a necessity.

If you haven't invested in a medical cover, it isn't too late to

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And if you don't have enough reasons to reflect on why you need one, let's quickly run into some of the essential reasons:

1. Covers All Your Medical Bills:

Here's the top reason why health covers are looked up to by most individuals, it covers all of your unexpected hospital bills. Whether you're pregnant or are considering getting operated on, you no longer need to deal with sky-high hospital bills. It also helps plan your savings better, since you won't have to dig out large medical expenses.
Further, considering some of the best insurance policies that cover hospital bills and other additional expenses oriented with your checkups post-surgery, bills spent on medications, therapy sessions, and much more; it gives you an outstanding deal. It is also believed as the most profitable way of administering your health and fitness, and further keeping it under check.

2. Compare & Choose The Best:

With a wide array of insurance policies facilitated by different providers, you've got comprehensive plans to choose from. Every single policy offered by each provider varies so incredibly that you might want to take your time considering each segment or option that relates to your requirements. Another advantage is that you can also alter or modify a policy as per your needs. Likewise, the premium payable and coverage extended would differ depending on the categories of medical conditions, illnesses, etc., laid down by your health cover.

3. Best Form Of Investment:

If you haven't known this yet, a health cover is a form of medical investment that's sure to bear you excellent and reliable returns in the form of the coverage amount. The market for investments is so broad and prospering, yet medical insurance turns out to form such an inevitable part of it. If you're someone seeking to buy health insurance online, you will come across many distinct policies offered even by the same provider. The potential market that it has taken up, proves its ability to benefit you immensely.

4. Tax Benefits:

Talking about how a health cover can benefit you, it isn't just limited to the fulfillment of free medical bills but extends to more leveraged advantages. Have you thought about the amount of money you can save on compliances like tax obligations with your health covers?
Well, you can consider it now! With tax benefits, you can invest in health cover and enjoy the dual benefits of coverage over medical bills and savings made on tax payments. Under the legal compliances, you can get up to Rs. 25,000 as an insurance benefit. This implies if you apply for medal insurance for your entire family of 5, it can reduce your tax obligation by Rs. 1,25,000.

5. Other Benefits:

If you're under the impression that free medical treatment and tax waivers are the only benefits that health covers extend, you’re wrong. While there are numerous policies and providers, their claims, coverage, premium, and other features differ substantially. Some policies cover charges for the ambulance services, expenses post-medical treatment, lower or no limits on the bonus, or discounts implied on your coverage. All of these benefits brought together, make for the ideal health insurance plan.


One can't quite emphasize the need to take a health cover, without giving much attention to your fitness. After all, your well-being is the epicenter of all your day-to-day activities.

Quick Tips before you buy health cover:

● Check the limits and sub-limits.

● Have a look at the options available.

● See if you can get discounts.

● Compare the different quotes by different insurance companies.