Have a beautiful smile with five tips for healthy teeth

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Have a beautiful smile with five tips for healthy teeth  27th June 2021

Oral health is not only important to keep cavity and gum disease at bay, but it also plays an important role in keeping you fit. With the mouth being the entrance to what you eat and drink, there is a strong correlation between your oral hygiene and overall health. Gum issues and tooth decay can cause pain, tooth loss, and reduced appetite and might affect your self-confidence if not treated on time. This can further lead to undernourishment and speech issues, causing strain on your personal and professional life.

It’s never too late to start taking care of your teeth. Below are 5 tips you should regularly follow to keep your teeth healthy:

● Avoid sugary food and drinks –

Do you find your teeth unclear and uneven? This could be due to dental plaque on the surface of your teeth. Plaque is caused by the sugary substances we eat, producing cavity-causing acid. So, whenever you eat sugary foods, a layer of plaque might get coated on the teeth. To reduce the occurrence of plaque, limit your consumption of sugary foods and drinks. Additionally, always check the labels and ingredients of packaged foods for sugar content before buying. For e.g., many yogurt flavors and sports drinks contain a high quantity of sugar, which might affect oral health.

● Brush your teeth twice daily –

Brushing your teeth two times a day helps in removing plaque and germs. This becomes more effective if done with the appropriate technique. Always brush the front, back, and top properly in small round movements. This process would take around 2-3 minutes; avoid moving the brush backward and forward. Hard brushing can cause damage to tooth enamel and gums that affect tooth sensitivity. If you see blood in your gums while brushing, then try gentler movements. It has been recommended by dentists to use a soft-bristle brush and change it every 3 months.

● Floss your teeth once a day –

Flossing helps to get rid of plaque and food stuck in the teeth, which cannot be removed while brushing. These stuck food particles, if not removed, get disintegrated by bacteria, leading to bad breath. The stuck debris can also affect your teeth, which might require treatment, such as a root canal to be fixed. Push the floss into the gum line before embracing the side tooth. There would be no pain while moving it up and down and removing the plaque effectively.

● Use mouthwash –

Always use mouthwashes recommended by dentists for good oral health. Mouthwash containing chlorhexidine, which is an antibacterial ingredient, helps in preventing plaque and gingivitis. It also contains essential oils that aid in oral health. Mouthwash cannot be a replacement for brush and floss but can enhance your teeth-cleaning practice.

● Visit the dentist regularly –

You should go to see the dentist for a regular check-up once in 6 months. They will examine your teeth to remove plaque, germs, and hardened tartar. The dentist will do a visual check for oral health problems, cavities, disease in gums, and mouth cancer. Cavities can be checked through dental x-rays. If adults take care of dental hygiene daily, then the frequency of visiting the dentist for oral health problems could be lesser.

Dental treatments are often not covered by your health insurance. Thus, various medical procedures performed by a dentist can be an expensive affair. Hence, it’s recommended to follow good oral habits for a healthy body and less medical expenditure.

Following good dental care from childhood helps keep the mouth healthy, even till later stages of life. Healthy oral habits protect you from various diseases and keep you fit throughout life. Follow the steps mentioned above as part of your routine to improve your smile and

oral health.

If any pain or discomfort presents and persists, always consult with your dentist.