Guide to Buy a Used Car

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Guide to Buy a Used Car  25th November 2020


Owning a brand new car is a dream that most of us have had when growing up. But with age, the practicality of finance dawned upon us. While it’s not something we wish to go for, buying a used car is often ruled out of the possibilities. The most common conception surrounding buying used cars is that they are old and have lost the charm of the new car, especially the already used engine, the brand new parts and the quality assurance from the car company is lost. We tend to miss out on the most important thing, used cars are themselves a proof of how good they are. They have undergone the trial and tests of time.
Still unsure of what to look for when thinking about buying a used car?

● The budget-

Before every large expenditure, one needs to keep aside a budget. The budget helps in cutting the corners and ensures we do not go overboard when spending our valuable and hard earned money. Do your research and homework on how to buy a used car and read all the important things that come as a procedure for the same.

● Car insurance-

Before buying a used car, always make sure to check the car insurance that covers the car. The reason behind it is tricky yet very simple. The history of car insurance claims shows you a brief data of how much repair it went through in the span of its running. The more the claims, the more did the car go through repairing and availed maintenance.

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● Any required changes or modifications after checking the car’s condition

Make sure to take a test drive before you buy any car- whether new or used. Taking a test ride makes you sure about the working condition of the major parts of the car. Whilst taking the ride you can ensure whether the lights work fine or have problems when lighting up, whether the stereo system is faulty. Also make sure you do a proper inspection of the car before finalising it. Check out for how old the car is, usually the prices of the cars depreciate after the first three years and also keep an eye for the wear and tear, if any that might cost you a bomb if gone unnoticed.

● Make required documentation-

Before buying a car, the first thing to keep in mind is the paperwork. Important documents like road tax receipt, the certificate of registration, insurance, pollution certificate, to name some, needs to be done carefully. If the aforesaid documents are not maintained in proper order, you would land yourself in a gruelling battle when transferring ownership.
Apart from these important pointers, as a buyer you need to do a thorough homework on whom to approach and when to buy. There are two types of sellers- the dealer and the direct seller. It is often advisable to go for the latter which removes any chances of you keeping yourself out from any kind of theft and fraud. There are many times when the middlemen tamper with the odometers of the cars and sell you the false information, which the direct owner would not. The direct owner would provide you with detailed and honest information of the service history, the original RC and the usage of the car.
Not only are the sellers important for understanding and getting an idea how the car was used, they also help you remove any kind of communication gaps that usually occur in the presence of a middleman.