Deductibles you should be aware of in your health insurance plan

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Deductibles you should be aware of in your health insurance plan  09th Oct 2019

Health insurance plans are much needed as they provide you with a sense of protection against the various odds in life. If you are trying to get the best health insurance in India for parents, or other members in your family, then you should look at a plan which offers extended cover at low premium rates.

There are several ways through which you can save on your health insurance premiums as well, and one of such approaches is opting for the right deductibles.

Insurance deductibles are the money that you receive during the course of your insurance before the claim period. Having a better understanding of the deductibles can help you save quite a bit on your insurance policy.

Type of deductibles and what they mean

Health insurance policies in India come with two types of deductibles: voluntary and compulsory. However, in international markets, other deductibles come into force. Below are the various types of deductibles that are applied to health insurances.

Compulsory deductibles: : These types of deductibles are made mandatory by the Indian government for the benefit of the customer. These are fixed sums that an insurance company pays to the insured while they make a claim.

Voluntary deductible: Suggestive of the name, voluntary deductibles are opted by the insured at the time of purchasing insurance. This helps them bring down the cost of the insurance premium.

Comprehensive deductibles: Comprehensive deductibles come into play and are applied across covers. They keep on adding up until the time you have paid the total amount under the agreements of your policy.

Non-comprehensive deductibles: These deductibles are applicable to certain kinds of cover. It requires you only to pay a certain sum of money while you claim your policy.

Cumulative deductible: Cumulative deductibles are applicable in a family health insurance plan. They come into force when all the members included the insurance plan have made the payments to fulfil the net payable amount.

Choosing a deductible

While it may be tempting to choose a higher insurance deductible, it might not always be the safest bet. It would be best if you thought of long-term before choosing a deductible. If you feel that the cost of your premiums are too much to meet the insurance deductibles, then it is a wiser option to choose a plan which has a lower premium

It is also advisable that you read your policy documents carefully to understand how deductibles work in a context. However, if you still have trouble understand specific terms and how deductibles work, then you can always contact your insurance provider. They will give you a broader context of the deductibles that can be applied to your health insurance policy.

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