Being an insurer, it is our solemn duty to look after our policyholders, our most precious assets! And, there is no greater joy than receiving a word of appreciation from these assets. Not only is it exceptionally reaffirming, but also steers us towards further improvement.

Here, we bring you some heartfelt testimonials of our customers; and also take this as an opportunity to thank them for their patronage!


Mukhjit Singh 25th October 2021

Magma HDI’s welcome call was very good and informative. Came to know a lot about the policy’s terms and conditions.

Thank you Magma HDI for keeping it so transparent.

Umakanta Dash 12th October 2021

I want to express my appreciation for the excellent customer service that I received from Magma HDI.
I hope that this is the kind of service that your Company will offer permanently as this is what a customer desire. Thank you for your quick response This issue was pending since a long time and finally by your help, the issue got resolved.

Thank you once again!

Abhishek Sharma 18th August 2021

I received my car with all the repairs done along with the settlement amount within no time. Great efforts by your team members (special thanks to them) who were assigned my case. I believe that a company with customer service as their greatest virtue has a very bright future.

I wish good luck for your company and a great future. Thank you Team Magma HDI!

Rohit Kumar Nayak 05th August 2021

Thank you Team Magma HDI for the quick response. No follow-ups were required to get the status update of my car insurance.

Thank you once again for such a wonderful and excellent service provided.

Ananta Malik 31st July 2021

Thanks a lot, to Magma HDI in general and to the executive taking care of my case in particular.

I am truly satisfied and pleased with the kind of service provided to me.

Video Testimonials

Parag Sampat 05th Oct 2021
Kishore Khanchandani 05th July 2021
Sadat Raja 17st March 2021