Complete guide for the first-time bike insurance buyer

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Complete guide for the first-time bike insurance buyer  15th June 2021

Two-wheelers are the easy moving, compact and sleek asset to glide through congested traffic and to move faster on the roads. But a two-wheeler doesn't just require maintenance but also requires compulsory insurance. Insurance coverage for two-wheelers got mandatory after the passing of the Motor Vehicle Act in 1988. Insurance is a shield of protection for your vehicle. It is helpful when you meet with some unfortunate incident, such as an accident or theft. In such cases, your insurance plan pays for the expenses due to the incident.

Read below the complete guide for the first-time bike insurance buyer.

Broadly the insurance plan is divided into two categories; Comprehensive Bike insurance, and, Third-party liability. When choosing bike insurance, it is important to understand the difference between the two types of policies available in India.

Third-party liability: Third-party liability is mandatory by law in India. It is limited against the coverage of the expenses to the third party only. It protects against any loss or damage caused to the third party by your vehicle during an accident.

Comprehensive Bike insurance: The purpose of this policy is to provide coverage against the own vehicle damage and the third party. It means that you have total protection against all kinds of expenses against any loss or damage caused to the vehicle or third party.

Do remember these essential features of a bike insurance policy before you buy one.

Insurance Declared Value (IDV): It is the maximum amount paid by the company as compensation at the time of claim. You should compare and research the IDV of multiple insurers before deciding the best fit for your bike.

Workshops and garage network: In terms of insurance, choosing a wide range of facilities for the vehicle is important. Select an insurer that offers a wide range of garage networks. It helps you to enjoy cashless services and much more when there is a need.

Advantage of No-claim bonus: Your

two-wheeler insurance

policy offers you a reward for safe driving in the form of a no-claim bonus. You are eligible to receive a discount for no-claim under your policy. If you maintain your vehicle perfectly, and drive safely, and don’t make a claim, your discount on the policy premium goes up.

Opt for a long term policy: Always go for a single policy that offers coverage for 2 to 3 years. Also, pay annually rather than monthly or quarterly. It saves you substantially on your premium.

Voluntary deductible saves you more: Voluntary deductible is the money you decide to pay for your two-wheeler future repair work in the case of an accident. By choosing a voluntary deductible, you significantly save on your vehicle's annual premium, thereby securing a policy at a lower premium.

Apart from this, it would be best to keep in mind that some cases do not protect you in any insurance plan. Not having a valid driving license, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or the damage because of road rage, war, etc. do not provide you with any cover.

You can also check bike insurance online for the best premium. Compare them all and choose the best fit for your bike and act smartly.

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