Common Two-wheeler issues that can lead to brake failure and its solutions

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Common Two-wheeler issues that can lead to brake failure and its solutions  09th Oct 2019

Bikes have different components, and each of them has separate sets of functions that serve different needs. However, there is one particular component, the role of which cannot and should not be underplayed — brakes.

Brakes help you slow down your two-wheeler and help you prevent accidents. To ensure your safety, you should always check if your brakes are in good shape before you start riding.

Several factors affect the functionality of the brakes on your bike, such as quality, temperature usage pattern, et cetera. When your brake wears and tears, and starts performing poorly, you must make it a point to check what’s wrong with them so that you can fix them at once.

Here, we will look at a few common issues that two-wheeler brakes face and also learn how to fix them.

1. Wearing out

It is one of the most common issues that bikes face with brakes — they wear out with time. You will notice it as your brake pedal sinks further under your foot and hand (in case of the front brakes). When you feel that this is happening, get the brake pads changed and you will be good to go.

2. Bleeding of brakes

After you install a new brake, it needs to bleed some oil. Do not worry — this process ensures that there are no air gaps in between that could initiate a brake failure. If this process does not take place properly, then your brake will also stop functioning. An effective way to deal with this solution is to get the bleeding done thoroughly, ensuring that there are no air gaps left inside.

3. Leakage of brake fluid

Brake fluid leakage is something that you will see now and then as your bike gets older on the road. However, if you encounter this frequently, it is highly likely that something is wrong — the oil is leaking from a component that is not fitted correctly. To fix this issue, you need to tighten up the parts of the brake, making sure that there is no room for any leakage.

4. Less brake oil

If your bike has less brake oil, then it may lead to a complete brake failure — something that you might not want at all. Keep on topping up your brake oil (they come for a cheap price) to avoid this situation.

5. Misalignment of the master cylinder

The master cylinder happens to be one of the essential parts of the brake system. If this cylinder gets misaligned due to inappropriate pressure on your brakes, it may lead to some severe brake problems, and might even lead to oil leakage. To fix this, you have to fit the cylinder properly and to check on it from time to time, in case you are noticing a deterioration in the brake’s performance.

If your brake is right, then your ride will be safe. To ensure further ride safety, you must buy two-wheeler insurance online, which can protect your bike from accidents. The Magma HDI

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