Choosing the right health insurance for our family

Health Insurance

Choosing the right health insurance for our family  27th Nov 2019

Health problems can occur suddenly and without preamble, and it can often mess up your financial planning with unexpected expenses. It has made health insurance important for every family to help decrease any unplanned financial burden. Though most of the companies provide their employees with health insurance coverage, it is not sufficient and can also exclude many ailments. Emergencies do not see our feasibility; hence, a reckless attitude towards health could put you in financial risk. Also, if we are paying for a thing, we tend to be very careful about the benefits we would be receiving.

However, it is not just about taking a health insurance plan; instead, it is about choosing the right health plan for your family to get the maximum benefits at the time of emergency. It is essential that you understand various factors that will help you choose the right health insurance policy .  Here are a few essential things you should know while deciding to

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What kind of health plan suits you?

Health insurance plans can be indemnity plans and defined benefit plans. The defined benefit plan pays a lump sum amount for treatment without going into the detailed breakup of hospital expenses. On the other hand, an indemnity plan reimburses the hospital expenses. It is recommended that your health insurance portfolio should have indemnity plans and additional critical illness plans which are defined benefit plans. 

Which indemnity cover suits you: Individual health insurance or family floater?

If you want extensive coverage, individual health insurance is the option. In this type, you will buy separate plans for each member of the family, and premium for each policy will be based on the age, and respective sum assured. However, if you are a family person, it is recommended that you buy a family floater (FF) plan to cover your whole family. Then you will not need to buy separate policies for each family member. The premium for family floater plans is also less than individual plans, and there is a higher sum assured. The most important factor is that anyone can use the amount for medical treatment. Also, it is possible to cover parents if they are senior citizens with a slightly higher premium.

Other important considerations while choosing health insurance for your family:
  • Select the sum insured based on your age and marital status, because the risk is less when you are younger, and it climbs as you grow older.
  • Select a plan that has a minimum waiting period for pre-existing health conditions.
  • Select a plan that allows you to renew at 75 or 80 years of age.
  • Consider the range of hospitals that the insurer is affiliated with.
  • Compare premiums and plans from more than one insurer and remember to read the customer reviews.
  • Read between the lines to understand the exclusions.

Insurance does not guarantee good health, but it will help you in taking care of your loved ones the best way possible during health emergencies.