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Here are a few tips that you should know before you go for a two-wheeler test drive

Researching what type of bike to purchase and comparing its features is not enough; getting a test ride of your chosen model is equally important.

Got a salary hike? Four things you must do after getting an increment!

Ever imagined what the three magical words for people with jobs are? It has to be, “Salary got credited”.

Trendy international cuisines becoming famous in India

George Bernard Shaw had once said, "There is no love more sincere than the love of food".

These appliances can ease your life at home, learn how

In this hustling world, everyone wants to save the most valuable aspect of their life – time. Finding out time for household chores feels like an impossible task in the middle of your tight schedule.

Twelve tips for the new parents to upbring their little ones in the best way

Being a parent is always a testing situation and becoming one during COVID-19 adds to the many new challenges.

Why a first-aid kit in your vehicle is an excellent step towards safety

Justifying the name, first-aid kit is the immediate response of medication at the time of emergency.

Winter motorbike tips: What all you need to know for cold weather riding

Morning chill, dense fog, and cold weather are the signs of winter's arrival.

Ten tips to follow before attempting bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is a growing obsession for thrill-seekers.

Ten useful tips for finding your passion after retirement

You worked your entire life to become financially happy.

Running a food delivery business? Here are some important tips you must follow

Technology is paving the way for convenience in all businesses, and even food delivery businesses are taking advantage of it.

Five reasons why campervans are becoming popular among travellers

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page".

Follow these best tips to ace your batting skills in cricket

"The bat is not a toy, it's a weapon. It gives me everything in life, which helps me to do everything on the field."

Here are eight common myths about traffic laws in India

The growing number of vehicles plying on the roads have notable implications on traffic congestion and highway accidents.

Here are five ways to make travelling fun with your pet

Having your furry friend accompanying you as a travel partner can be an exciting experience.

Is your car making unusual noises? Know what they could mean

People are emotionally attached to their car so much that even a small scratch or dent woes their heart.

Keep these essentials in your two-wheeler riding kit at all times

In a busy and constantly moving country like India, most of the population uses two-wheelers as the daily mode of transportation.

Proven ways to stop worrying and overthinking

Overthinking is a thief of your energy. It takes away your peace and composure of mind.

Complete guide on how different colours can make your home alive

Multiple studies claim that the paint of your home plays a significant impact on your mood.

Are you feeling depressed? Ten proven ways to combat depression

According to the World Health Organization, around 57 million Indians suffer from some sort of depression. Depression takes a considerable toll on your health.

Eleven good habits every two-wheeler rider should follow

The two-wheeler segment is considered the most convenient mode of commutation in our country.

Here's a guide to help you start your bike rental business

Big business starts small' – wise words by Richard Branson.

Work From Home (WFH) culture: Revealing the truth

The year 2020 was considered the year of WFH (work from home).

How social media is affecting your mental health

With the internet being easily accessible even in remote areas,

With these five tips, you can give your bike tyres a long life

Bikes are the most commonly used vehicle when it comes to riding on India's busy roads.

Understand these four things before you modify your two-wheeler

Bikes are never out of fashion, and every biker wants his favourite bike to be the show-stopper.

Ten habits that will make you highly productive

In this new normal post-Covid world,

Learning music can do wonders. Here are ten ways to prove that

Music is the universal address of happiness, and even Einstein had once expressed:

You cannot miss these five exciting water sports at beaches

Beaches are no longer just lying down in the sun under a shady umbrella and relaxing by the bay.

Why seat belt for the rear seat is equally important

A seat belt is one of the necessary safety items that come with the car.

Vaccinated? Why do you still need to build your immunity

The vaccination drive is in full swing in India,

Twenty-one handy tips to protect your home from burglary

Problems come uninvited, so do thieves.

Six habits of successful weight watchers

If you want to reduce weight, you may be considering a complete lifestyle change.

How is technology making the lives of truck drivers easy?

Technology is undoubtedly a key driver for the economic growth of a country.

Five safety tips while riding two-wheeler in bad weather

Bad weather comes with some real testing of your riding skills.

Eight safety measures that need to be followed at a construction site

In the developing world, with growth comes the need for constant construction of infrastructure.

Do helmets really save lives? Here's proof

Section 129 of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 makes it mandatory for two-wheeler riders to wear safety helmets.

Wildlife photography? Eight tips for the beginners

Wildlife photography requires a great deal of skill to master.

Six easy ways to decorate your home for festive seasons

When the festive season is around, our homes need a touch of elegance.

Moving into a new house? Follow this essential checklist

The idea of moving into a new home is exciting,

Healthy habits: 21 Best things to do for your body

Maintaining good health is everyone's goal.

Drink and drive: Five compelling reasons why it is bad for you

Only because you made it home “safely” does not make drunk driving a good choice.

Baby on Board? Why You Must Have a Child Seat

Children are full of energy, and therefore they tend to have a higher risk of being injured in a moving vehicle.

A middle-class life on a two-wheeler: Common mistakes to avoid

Transport is the lifeline of civilization,

Constructing your dream house? Make these suggestions a part of your strategy

It is our lifelong emotional dream to have a home for us.

The most common driving errors you don't know you're making

When you start driving, you don't become an expert overnight. For any perfect driver,

Sculpt the perfect body in 25 minutes a day at home

The concept of "no time" gradually becomes an excuse for

Internet shopping: Remember Convenience, Deals and a Few Scams

With the rise of internet-based e-commerce websites,

Follow these top six tips to declutter your digital world

It’s easy to lose track of time while going through your closet and segregating clothing into keep

Exercise or diet? What works best for you

There is much debate on what exactly helps a person to stay fit

Caught in traffic? Here are five innovative ways to keep your mood high

Getting stuck in traffic has become a usual thing in rush hours.

Best Tips: Choosing the right colour for your car

Getting your new car is one of the significant milestones you may think of.

Are you a lone wolf? Use these ideas to manage your luggage on your bike

Do you like motorbike road trips but always struggle with what to pack and how to pack?

Action camera for your bike travel: Nine tips to film the best videos

Action cameras have become a new trend among bikers.

Relocating to another city for work? Tick all these boxes.

Starting a new job or getting transferred to another city is stressful already.

Why running a marathon is not a crazy idea at all

You'd love the fact that not many people can say.

Upgrading your car? Why do you need to consider these five factors?

So, you have got a promotion and decided to upgrade your car.

Turning 18? Here is our beginner's guide for riding a bike

Are you turning 18 soon and just starting your life as a motorcyclist?

Proud to be a foodie? Check these five amazing food tours that you cannot resist

There is no doubt that the relationship of an Indian with food is above and beyond anything else.

Planning a reunion? Consider these five tourists spots you should go to

It's been a long and challenging time of social isolation.

How rock climbing can help you boost your leadership skills?

There was a time when only those with unbelievable daring and high tolerance levels could enjoy rock climbing.

Aerophobia – How to overcome the fear of flying next time?

Roughly around six million people are flying somewhere every day.

Does bike riding excite you? The top five bike trips you must not miss

Going on bike rides in India is an enthralling experience, as our country is home to awe-inspiring landscapes.

Are you health and budget conscious? Here is how you can eat organic on a tight budget

On a limited budget, going organic and all-natural sounds unusual.

Festival sale! How to get a good deal for a new bike

It is the festive season in India, the perfect time for family get-togethers.

Family on the road trip? What to know before you go

Road trips are the best part of any vacation, and if it is with family.

Five safety tips every female driver should know

Women taking over the world has defeated the dependency on others to get things done.

How innovation in e-scooters is making the headlines in India

Today, climate change is a severe concern.

Wondering how to keep your car shining post-monsoon

We love the monsoon for bringing down the temperatures and making us fall in love with books.

Why do most millennials buy health insurance online in India

India is a global capital for housing millennials, as almost 34% of its population is GenY. Powered by advanced technology.

Two wheeler insurance hidden costs you should know about

Have you got stuck in heavy traffic again? Guess who'll make the riding experience smooth and convenient by sliding through traffic?

Two-wheeler insurance policy. Popular facts and myths

Have you got stuck in heavy traffic again? Guess who'll make the riding experience smooth and convenient by sliding through traffic?

The benefits of staying loyal to the same car insurance company

Are you happy with your existing car insurance policy and making repeat purchases from the same insurer every year

Planning a long bike tour? Read these motorbike riding tips beforehand

For adventure seekers, biking trips across India have become more common than you would have imagined.

15 smart tips you always wanted to know about your car insurance

How can you make your car insurance foolproof? The intricacies of car insurance can be puzzling, but it is undoubtedly worth the effort.

How can your motor insurance save you money

it can still save your money and provide you with the financial security you need.

Are you in your 40s? Here are some essential medical tests you should consider

unhealthy lifestyle are becoming the new normal, impacting their everyday lives.

Getting your health insured is as easy as just a few clicks online

For today’s generation, long working hours, irregular sleep schedules, take-out meals, and an unhealthy lifestyle are becoming the new normal, impacting their everyday lives.

Are you picking up the right car mechanic? Here are a few questions to ask

We all can debate if mental health is as crucial as physical health.

Everything you should know about General Insurance: The complete guide

Life is full of turns and twists, making it thrilling and happening, but every turn comes with a different experience that can sometimes set you back.

Online bike insurance plans. Why and how is digitization helpful

The insurance industry in our country is experiencing an IT revolution.

Personal accident insurance can be surprisingly beneficial. Know more here

Accidents can sometimes cause severe damages, disability and, in the worst-case scenario, even death. Situations like these can have an unfortunate effect on a person's financial stability.

Is mental illness covered under your health insurance policy

We all can debate if mental health is as crucial as physical health.

What is cooling-off period in health insurance

Not many people are familiar with the term cooling-off period in health insurance.

Seven interesting facts about car insurance you should know

With all types of car insurance available out there,

Five health tips for people with obesity

People suffer from obesity disorder worldwide because of their hectic lifestyle and inactive fitness routine.

Steps to claim your health insurance policy

The Covid-19 pandemic shook the world's medical infrastructure from the ground.

Top tips to cut the cost of car insurance renewal

If you are a car owner, it is mandatory to have valid car insurance before driving on roads.

Know about zero depreciation car insurance policy

Does the depreciation value of your car scare you.

How to find bike insurance details with the help of the registration number

Did you know that you only need the unique registration number of your vehicle to get the details of your bike insurance online.

Five ways you can stay healthy at your workplace

Is working 9-5 taking a toll on your health? Sometimes we involve ourselves so much in work that we forget to pay attention on our health.

Five reasons why parents should not give in children's demands for bikes

Whether you decide to buy 2 wheeler insurance online or otherwise, many myths and misconceptions are associated with it.

Five misconceptions about two wheeler insurance

Whether you decide to buy 2 wheeler insurance online or otherwise, many myths and misconceptions are associated with it.

Five Car Insurance blunders you need to avoid

The Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 requires all vehicles to be insured by adequate insurance coverage before they are driven on the road.

Best tips to reduce premium of your two wheeler

Two-wheelers like scooters and motorcycles are the most commonly used vehicles due to their fuel efficiency and ease of use on congested roads and streets.

Six Tips to purchase a good bike within your budget

Two-wheelers are always the easy moving, compact and sleek asset to glide through congested traffic and to move faster on the roads.

Six car driving tips for first time car buyers

Are you buying a new car? If you're a teenager, or an adult, getting a car is always a great feeling .

Six benefits of exercise and good eating habits

In today’s pandemic time, wellbeing and health have become more important than ever before in our life.

How to sell your bike at a good resale value

Your bike reminds you of road trips with friends and many other memories.

How to maintain the paint of your car

A shiny car with an attractive colour is a head-turner for anybody.

How to keep your blood sugar under control

“Blood sugar” is termed as the amount of sugar present in the bloodstream of a body at a given time.

How can IDV and NCB benefit your two-wheeler

Understanding that two-wheeler insurance is as important as your health insurance because your vehicle needs coverage and security .

Best tips on claiming a third-party two-wheeler insurance

A two-wheeler insurance policy covers the cost of repair and replacement for your bike or scooter. It includes theft of the two-wheeler and damages to the bike that involves paid repairing.

Best home-workout equipment for you in 2021

It includes theft of the two-wheeler and damages to the bike that involves paid repairing.

Benefits of usage-based insurance for your car insurance

A two-wheeler insurance policy covers the cost of repair and replacement for your bike or scooter. It includes theft of the two-wheeler and damages to the bike that involves paid repairing.

Best car accessories and gadgets to buy

Cars are the most comfortable mode of commuting and road trips.

Advantages of buying health insurance at an early age

There is a myth that young and healthy people do not need health insurance.

What is fully insured in a motorcycle accident

A two-wheeler insurance policy covers the cost of repair and replacement for your bike or scooter. It includes theft of the two-wheeler and damages to the bike that involves paid repairing.

Top Foods to Boost your Immune System

As large scale infections sweep the nation, there is a massive demand for COVID-19 related medicines and vaccines, apart from the surge in demand for health insurance online.

How to protect your car during covid-19

there is a massive demand for COVID-19 related medicines and vaccines, apart from the surge in demand for health insurance online.

Tips to maintain your energy levels during quarantine

there is a massive demand for COVID-19 related medicines and vaccines, apart from the surge in demand for health insurance online.

How to care for your family mental health during quarantine

there is a massive demand for COVID-19 related medicines and vaccines, apart from the surge in demand for health insurance online.

Ways to prevent the spread of covid 19 at your workplace

As large scale infections sweep the nation, there is a massive demand for COVID-19 related medicines and vaccines, apart from the surge in demand for health insurance online.

Fuel economy tips for summer

India has some of the harshest summers for any country in the world.


Over the past year, the importance of living a healthy lifestyle free of diseases and morbidities has become exigent.

Have a beautiful smile with five tips for healthy teeth

Oral health is not only important to keep cavity and gum disease at bay, but it also plays an important role in keeping you fit.

All you need to check before buying a new car

So you are just a few steps away from owning your dream car.

Purchasing two-wheeler insurance online? Follow these 5 steps

Buying online motor insurance is growing into a trend.

Key tools for effective maintenance of your car

Your car's routine maintenance is key to saving time and money and keeping it in the best condition.

How to get two-wheeler insurance for an old vehicle?

It is pretty easy to get insurance for new two-wheelers. Several dealerships provide a complimentary 1 to 5 year insurance plan when you buy a two-wheeler.

Does my existing Health Insurance cover Coronavirus?

This unfortunate and devastating pandemic situation has completely shaken the quality of health globally.

Complete guide for the first-time bike insurance buyer

Two-wheelers are the easy moving, compact and sleek asset to glide through congested traffic and to move faster on the roads.

Benefits of Long-Term Health Insurance

In India, health care has become a major expense than ever before, with 15% annual inflation. Given the increase in lifestyle-related diseases in current times,

8 key benefits of car insurance renewal

In India, cars are among the most purchased and valued commodities.

Choosing the best Medicare plan for 2021

This pandemic situation has yet again given us a wake-up call to be alert and handle the matter of health wisely.

How to prevent two-wheeler theft?

Two-wheeler thefts are very common. Bikes or scooters parked without proper safety can catch the eyes of thieves giving a chance to steal them away.

Motorcycle safety tips for safe riding

The motorcycle ride is an exhilarating adventure that gives you enthusiasm.

Ways to maintain your two-wheeler in good condition

So, you love riding your two-wheeler? And, how often do you spare time for maintaining it? Riding is way easier than maintaining a two-wheeler.

Six things you should not miss about your car’s maintenance and repair

Owning a car is one of the crucial investments that we make. But just buying a car is not sufficient; it is equally important to keep it well maintained.

Best tips to understand heating and cooling problems in cars

How many of us can address the problems that arise unexpectedly in our car’s heating and cooling system? Not most of us are skilled to do that.

How a healthier lifestyle can actually save you money

We all wish to have a healthy life and stay fit to live a long and happy life. Investing in a healthy life can give you excellent benefits.

5 tips for healthy and happy retired life everyone should know

During our growth and working years, there comes a stage where we all usually start thinking of our post-retirement life.

Ways to buy Long Term Two Wheeler Insurance Cover Online

Insuring your motorbike the day you buy it, is often referred to as a thumb rule.

Your Complete Guide To Senior Citizen Health Insurance Policy

'Health is wealth’, perhaps one of the most commonly used phrases that stand true for all of us. This phrase stands more relevant for elderly people present in our lives.

All About Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Coverage

Two-wheeler insurance or bike insurance is one of the essential tools that you need to invest in, for your vehicle.

When should you not Claim Car Insurance?

The first task after buying a car is to get it insured. These insurance tools assist you in case of any damage or accident.

Things to Know Before Buying a Health Insurance Plan for Your Family

Maintaining your fitness might be a controllable factor, but predicting medical help indeed isn't.

Types of Motor Insurance Policies in India

The importance and relevance of motor insurance policy are increasing day by day in India.

Road Safety Tips that may Potentially Save your Life

Even after the countless campaigns and awareness programs on road safety, the accident rate has not reduced noticeably.

Safety Tips for Two-Wheeler Owners

Are you passionate about your ride? Own a bike, scooter, or a moped? The thought of gearing up for a long ride or a short spin around the city can be truly refreshing.

Know how to stay healthy and fit as you get older

As you age, it's essential to blend in with an active lifestyle to get the most of your life. Interestingly, the thought of an active lifestyle (to a majority of people) is taking up fitness subscriptions.

Personal Accident Insurance Policy – How does it Work

What do you think personal accident insurance is? A policy that will take care of your monetary needs if you ever get into an accident or a tool with economic benefit

Importance of personal accident insurance

Health Cover, is it an option or luxury? Well, it’s a necessity! Having a financial tool that covers your medical bills & saves you from a hole in the pocket is a must.

How to file a claim quickly in case of an accident?

Accidents can happen at any time and are often uninvited.

Health Cover! Why do you need it?

Health Cover, is it an option or luxury? Well, it’s a necessity! Having a financial tool that covers your medical bills & saves you from a hole in the pocket is a must.

Everything you need to know about Health Insurance

Health insurance is a policy that provides financial cover for your medical expenses.

5 Things to keep in mind While Renewing Your Health Insurance Policy

Buying insurance is not uncommon, one wants to secure the money involved in an asset and thus he gets it insured.

6 things that affect Your Car Insurance Premium

Accidents are uncertain and can come uninvited, leaving behind an inevitable financial loss.

Benefits Of Buying A Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy

Why do you need comprehensive motor insurance .

Benefits of Long Term Two Wheeler Insurance Plan

Do you own a two-wheeler? Do you use it frequently? Do you commute every day to get to work using your two-wheeler? If yes, then this article is meant specifically for you.

Complete look at Affordable Car Insurance Plans

Do you know the most significant factor that drives insurance purchases in India? It is not the services or the goodwill of the service provider but it is the affordability.

Complete Guide for Buying A New Bike Insurance

Bikes are the most popular modes of transport on local roads. It is the best option for daily commuting to your workplace. Owning a two-wheeler comes with its own set of responsibilities.

What are the signs of a weak immune system?

Do you feel fatigued often, or have random episodes of diarrhoea or catch a cold now and then? It may mean that you have a weak immune system. There can be several other symptoms too, and so are the reasons behind it.

How can we keep our bike insured while relocating?

Whether due to work-related tasks or personal matters, relocating has become a way of life.

How to choose your health insurance company wisely?

Humans have the most precious gift from God in the name of health, and we ought to do our utmost to sustain the benefits of that gift for a healthy and happy life.

How to find the best personal accident insurance plans for you?

Optimism is good but it doesn’t mean that we don’t prepare ourselves for the unforeseen circumstances thinking “it will not happen to us”.

The rising need for health insurance in India

There has been an exponential increase in the number of people opting for health insurances across India in recent years.

Why investment in health insurance at a young age is beneficial? 

Life is an enigma; it has countless possibilities with many struggles. .

The Five Best Health Insurance YouTube Videos

A health insurance policy is meant to save you from the financial impact of a sudden illness.

5 Things about Health Insurance Your Kid Should Know

Given the problems we still face as adults today, educating your kids about being responsible consumers is always a great idea. If you prepare your child with good planning skills now, they’ll be better prepared to face financial challenges in their adulthood.

How motor insurance add-on covers can benefit you

Having a basic third-party insurance is a must as per the law, however.

5 Best riding destination in Mumbai

With the rain slowly subsiding and the roads getting clearer, Mumbaikars can finally get on their bike for a nice.

Drive Safely _ Your family needs you

Driving is an adventure! You hold the steering wheel, buckle your seatbelt, get on the road.

Is Riding a Two Wheeler Easy

For a lot of us, learning how to ride a two-wheeler involved tripping and falling, messing up the gears.

Do not ignore these exclusions in health insurance policies

Health insurance in India is a necessity in contemporary times as it takes care of your finances in case of any health emergency with the help of a single policy.

Road tripping on your favorite ride, here's what you need to do to gear up

Road trips on a car are enthralling. These drives fill our camera rolls with memorable moments that we recall with much fondness.

Tips before going on a bike trip

Long bike rides are relieving to the soul. They teach us many lessons, test our patience, and brings the best version of us on the road.

Why choose a long term two-wheeler insurance policy

Bike rides are thrilling — the wind teasing your hair, the sound of the motor groaning, bringing in a sense of movement, a much-welcome change.

What are the features of fire insurance in India?

Fire is a serious risk for pretty much all physical structures, whether it's your house or your shop.

What is a personal accident cover, and how does it benefit you?

As per an official report released by the government, an astounding 469,910 road accidents were reported in 2017.

Tips on how to keep your car insured while relocating

Packing up and moving out can be a real chore.

Let's talk claims

While choosing an insurance policy, the claim settlement ratio of the insurer is a major factor to consider.

General Insurance: Know your rights and duties

Things change. It is the law of the universe, and we, along with everything that we do, are a part of it.

How pollution can affect riding two-wheeler?

One of the most important questions asked these days is.

How to check your claims online?

Having insurance is like having a safety deposit. That means if anything goes wrong, you would not be at a total loss.

Is it preferable to buy a house or rent one?

A home is something every individual requires and aspires for. A place you can come back to after a long and stressful day but purchasing a house is no child's play.

Road safety rules for citizens of India

A lot of people become victim to unfortunate road accidents. Merely witnessing an accident can leave a huge impact on the mind of an individual.

What are the benefits of getting health insurance from 3 different companies?

'The more, the merrier'. A lot of you must be familiar with this phrase. It states that the more the number of people, the more fun they are likely to have.

What are the new bikes launching in India?

The large competition in the market between different companies leads to the launch of several new bikes and scooters by the major brands almost every month throughout the year.

Why is an exercise like cycling very helpful?

People are becoming more and more aware of physical fitness and activities that keep them healthy.

Coronavirus - Precaution is always better than Cure !

Dos & Don’ts for the global health threat –Coronavirus

FASTag uses and benefits

Do you travel a lot by road? Are you tired of waiting for your turn at toll plazas on the interstate highways or expressways? Do you wish to get done with it as quickly as possible? If yes.

What are the benefits of renewing two-wheeler insurance online?

Not only buying insurance online but renewing it online as well is also possible and is very important at the same time.

What are the best practices to be followed in a corporate office?

Motivated employees are the biggest asset of any company or organisation.

Why people are purchasing insurance policies online?

Carrying out activities such as phone recharges, bill payments, grocery shopping, clothes shopping, etc.

Why should Senior Citizens get insurance policies?

With the onset of old age, a lot of people start facing a variety of health-related problems and diseases.

What are the different types of general insurance policies?

In modern times, uncertainty has become a part and parcel of life. You can take as many precautions as possible but certain unwanted situations can always take place.

Why do we need to be careful while crossing the roads?

With a striking increase in the number of vehicles on the road.

Why is your employer health insurance not sufficient?

As a part of the measures undertaken to keep their employees motivated.

Why should we follow the traffic signals while driving vehicles?

Traffic rules are meant for your safety, and there should be no arguments against why you should ensure to follow traffic rules while driving or walking on roads.

5 myths of Home Insurance

Home insurance is one of the most common insurance that people buy, but most of the buyers do not know about the complete limitations and benefits of such insurance policies.

5 Reasons why you should have an Individual Personal Accident Policy

Accidents are always unfortunate, and you can never foresee when you might face such a circumstance.

10 useful fire safety tips that you should know

A fire can start anywhere and you will be surprised to know that you may have as little as two minutes to escape from such fires to safety.

Quick guide for Add on Covers that you can opt for with Two Wheeler Insurance

Whether you buy a four-wheeler or a two-wheeler, you can easily buy bike insurance or private .

Quick Guide on Fire Insurance

Fire insurance is a contractual agreement between the policyholder .

Quick Guide on Liability Insurance!

Liability insurance provides the insured party protection against claims resulting from damage or harm to people or property.

Home Buyer's Guide

Owning a home is generally seen as a sign of adulthood and financial responsibility.

How to buy Health Insurance online in India?

Health insurance is a medical insurance policy which ensures that you and your family remain .

How to Buy Motor Insurance Online?

If you nurture and protect every little thing in your life, why not your car.

How to protect your home from theft?

Even if you live in one of the safest cities of the world, you should not leave your home open and unattended else you might lose all your valuables to thieves.

How to register your car insurance claims?

When you buy a car insurance policy online, you enter into a contractual agreement .

How to renew your car insurance online?

Nowadays, renewing your car insurance is also as simple as just buying new car insurance.

Is Personal Accident Insurance essential in India

While driving on the Indian roads, the possibility of an accident can never be ruled out.

What are the clauses in Marine Insurance?

A good marine insurance guards you and your consignment from a variety of hazardous and unforeseen disasters and events.

Mechanical Loss of Engineering Insurance

Does your company rely on some huge equipment to generate revenue.

Mistakes to avoid when buying a car insurance policy

So much deliberation goes into buying a car, but car insurances? Not so much.

Physical loss of engineering Insurance

Today, the number of cases with construction workers being a victim of such accidental risks is increasing.

Quick Tips on Fire Insurance

Fire and related events can cause very big losses, and they have become one of the biggest causes of losses in recent times.

Quick Guide on Marine Insurance

Marine insurance companies offer a wide range of policies that cover any damage or loss to ships, cargo, terminals or transport by which products are transferred.

What are affordable health insurance plans?

Health insurance is a type of policy that offers coverage for medical .

5 Best Sports Cars for Sports Avid Riders

Cars besides being a mode of transportation have been also a passion for many. For some driving a car simply to get somewhere is not the sole goal.

Consider These 5 Points When You Want to Sell Your Car!

Cars are a great means of making your daily commute easier since they allow you to travel .

Does making modifications in your Car affect your Car insurance?

Everyone dreams of purchasing a car in life. Reasons can be numerous; after all, having your car has several benefits.

Don’t miss out on these Medical Tests you should be doing in your early 30s!

Getting older could be a little scary. You begin to worry about your physical health, your finances, along with many other things, but it shouldn’t have to be.

These should be your Fitness Goals in 2020

As the new year rolls in, it is time to begin setting down goals for the year, or New Year’s resolutions as we call them.

How to claim car insurance after your accident in India?

While driving a car is a pleasure, a misfortunate incident can spoil everything.

How to Start Your Career in Life or Health Insurance?

If you are someone that derives pleasure out of helping others.

How to Reduce Car Pollution Level During Smog Season?

While driving a car is a pleasure, a misfortunate incident can spoil everything.

Tips to Help You Maintain Your Bike Better

There are many people who decide against buying a car, especially since it can be quite expensive to purchase as well as maintain, and instead opt for a motorbike.

You Must Know These Things While Driving!

With a constant need to go from one place to another and on a fairly regular basis, there is a necessity for a suitable means of transport.

How to make claims for multiple Health insurance policies

Medical Science has grown by leaps and bounds, so has medical expenses.

How to Secure Your Home Against Calamities?

It's an old adage "New or Old - Home is where the heart is".

How to Stay Financially Healthy?

One of the major determinants of how you live your life is your financial condition.

Important Terms in Health Insurance That You Should Know

The term “health insurance” is something that you must have heard multiple times.

Safety Tips Before Going on a Trip

There really isn’t the right time to go on a trip.

Know the Top 5 bikes of 2020

If you prefer bikes over cars, either because you are looking to save money.

Top 5 Cars to Buy in 2020

As part of their New Year goals, a lot of individuals decide to purchase a new car.

Top 5 Destinations in and Around Mumbai

Mumbai and its nearby locations have always been regarded as some of the best places to explore in the country.

What is no claim bonus in Car insurance?

Car insurance is all about cutting your losses in case of an accident or theft.

5 Explanation On Why Health Insurance Quote Is Important

Anyone who has seen a person close to them in the hospital will agree that it is the most stressful time in their life.

Making “Work From Home” Work

Given the current circumstances, social distancing is the need of the hour as all offices in most parts of the nation are opting for ‘Work From Home’ approach.

5 Reasons Why Tourists Love Car Insurance

There are thousands of tourists in India at any given point of time. While many stays in one city or area for the entire duration of their stay,

5 Things Your Parents Taught You About Fire Safety

Right from childhood apart from studies we are taught about being safe in general, there are numerous ways in which you could hurt yourself

A Beginner's Guide to Accident Insurance

With so many options in the market today, it is no longer a difficult task finding the best personal accident insurance policy in India still

Five Common Mistakes Everyone Makes While Buying Car Insurance

Almost everyone today owns a car, which means they would most probably either already have a car insurance policy or would be looking to buy one soon

Five Reliable Sources to Learn About Health Insurance

Health insurance is something that every single person should have at all times, so they are protected from any unnecessary

How to Choose the Right Sum Insured for Car Insurance Policy

Health insurance is something that every single person should have at all times, so they are protected from any unnecessary

5 Things Nobody Told You About Car Insurance Quotes.

Health insurance is something that every single person should have at all times, so they are protected from any unnecessary

5 Doubts You Should Clarify About Motor Insurance Quotes

A personal vehicle is a huge blessing.

How to Control Fire Loss Due to External Cladding?

Buildings and houses are constructed very carefully; they are correctly planned and are built in a way that they can withstand any calamities or damages to the maximum extent possible.

What Makes Car Insurance So Popular?

When buying a car, you would take your time when it comes to choosing the right model, the right colour, the best safety features, the latest entertainment system, etc.

5 Common Misconceptions About Health Insurance

Almost everyone gets health insurance to make sure that their medical expenses are taken care of when needed; so that that they don’t have to pay a huge amount from their own pockets.

7 Reasons Why Tourists Love Health Insurance

Health insurance is an absolute necessity, and everyone must have a policy in place to be financially covered if there are health issues or injuries.

5 Preparations You Should Do Before Buying Health Insurance

Buying a health insurance policy is a significant responsibility since it will determine how financially capable you are of dealing with any illness or accident.

Some top stories about bike insurance

Nothing beats the feeling of cool winds engulfing you as you glide past the scenery on your bike.

5 Apps to Help You Manage Your Bike Riding

For many people riding their bike is the joy of their life.

What Will the two-wheelers Industry Look Like in the next ten years?

Two-wheelers have changed the landscape of transportation forever.

5 Laws Anyone Working in Marine Insurance Companies Should Know

Maritime transport is one of the most efficient ways to transport goods overseas.

10 Great Individual Health Insurance Speakers in India

There is nothing more saddening in life than the loss of a close family member or close friend.

10 Things You Learned in Preschool That'll Help You With Home Fire Insurance

Your home is the place where you have the most beautiful memories. It is the place where you grew up to become the person you are today and where your heart resides.

Does your Health Insurance Policy cover Corona Virus?

The outbreak of COVID 19 has affected millions of people across the world.

Is there any waiting period applicable for viral infections like Ebola, H1N1, and now Coronavirus?

Every hospitalization insurance policy comes with a stipulated waiting period which signifies the number of days that must lapse before the policy coverage begins for specific health conditions.

Five benefits that make health insurance an absolute necessity Revised 5

Health is a critical aspect of life. Hence the famous phrase health is wealth. With today’s pollution, changing and often unhealthy lifestyles, changing weather, an increase in diseases and mutation in the illnesses that already exist, etc.

Five exercises that keep you healthy

Exercise is a hobby for several people. Many people enjoy going to the gym every day, sweating it out, and keeping fit. For some people, a gym is just too intimidating or even not the most preferred choice.

Five things to keep in mind when you are buying a new house

It is not surprising that many people have a dream to own their dream house where they want to build their world.

Seven ways to lower your cancer risks

As everyone knows, cancer is quite dangerous and can lead to death. This is the reason that many individuals specifically opt for a cancer cover with their health insurance policy.

Common bike insurance terms that you should know

Owning a bike may be a necessity for someone and a status symbol or merely a pleasure deriving activity for some other one.

What documents are required for buying a used car from a private seller?

Buying a car, be it new or used, is a big event for any family because who doesn’t want to enjoy the perks that come with your car. However.

Health Insurance Marketplace Explained

Health insurance marketplaces in India have been created to reach out to customers with different insurance schemes, which are customized to cover the needs of people with various needs.

Heart Diseases

Many times it is when we have come across a mourning family who have lost their near and dear one due to heart disease.

How to keep your home safe from fire

You always try to do a lot for the happiness and wellbeing of your family.

How to claim your bike insurance?

Having a bike insurance policy is essential as it safeguards the bike owner from many unwanted losses that may otherwise disturb the mental peace of the owner.

Personal Accident Cover In A Car Insurance Explained

Accidents are dangerous and can cause immense physical harm to the individuals involved in them.

Some health tips to prevent chronic kidney disease

Being healthy is one of the essential human development goals that has now turned into a necessity of the hour.

Things to keep in mind when you shift your car insurance

Most car insurance plans are usually aimed at providing the services for one year, post which they are renewed.

Why driving license & motor insurance policy is necessary

As a vehicle owner, specific responsibilities come your way, which must be taken care of with utmost care. Driving license and motor insurance are two of the most important papers that must always be there with you, irrespective of the fact whether you have a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler.


Why home insurance is a must for your house in today's time

All of us are extremely lucky to stay in a nation as diverse as India, which has a plethora of climatic changes to offer and support its citizens. .


Expert Speaks

All of us are extremely lucky to stay in a nation as diverse as India, which has a plethora of climatic changes to offer and support its citizens..


How to port your health insurance to Magma HDI?

A lot of people around the world work hard and save their income to one day purchase a car. A car provides you with much more freedom and mobility than local transport.

5 Effective Tips to Deal with Stress and Anxiety amid the Global Pandemic

The global pandemic has hit everyone hard, in terms of health and economy. But, more importantly, it harmed our mental health severely. Completely locked and confined to home for several months has led to some kind of depression to a large number of people.

6 Ways to Reduce Risk of Contracting COVID-19 While Commuting to Work

The end of 2019 had brought forward a deadly virus that is still haunting the world, the COVID-19. Since we are still lagging in getting a proper vaccine for this virus, the situation is causing more and more adverse effects, even fatality.

15 Simple Health Tips For Monsoon!

The monsoon is a welcome change for many from the scorching summer heat. It brings promises of new life with itself. Thus humans often greet this season with open arms.

Boost Your Immunity To Combat Health Risk

Immunity is your utmost strength which makes your body work properly daily. However, along with age and time, the immunity system starts getting weaker depending on your lifestyle and many other factors.

How to take care of your car during Monsoon?

All of us are preparing for the rainy season with our umbrellas and raincoats in place. While we are getting ready for the heavy rains, let us not forget to prepare our cars for the same.

Eating during COVID-19: How nutrition can protect people's health during COVID-19.

Started from the province of Wuhan in China, COVID-19 has spread all around the world, leaving behind the massacres.

Family Health Insurance or Individual Health Plans – What to Choose?

Establishing life goals entail insurance plans, but that’s not a holistic confirmation to your investments. The next question would be - whether to settle for an individual or a family floater plan

Four insurance covers you must have this monsoon

Monsoon brings us particular delights, after the scorching summer season, rain is the only respite we look forward to. But they are not so delightful when they leave a trail of plight.

Why Home Insurance against Natural Calamities is Essential

One of the most expensive assets that an average earning Indian buys in his/her life is a house. A good part of our earnings is spent on buying and furnishing our dream home.

Precautions to Take For Your Bike in Monsoon

Monsoon prefaces an ideal fit for a biker’s dream for a planned respite out of the city hustle. Although the season is arguably the best one for bikers, it is also irreversibly lethal primarily due to torrential downpour and fog - that can create scenarios prone to accidents.


Monsoon arrives with new promises and provides a route to escape from the scorching summer heat. It comes as a respite to many but has its consequences.

Road Safety Tips for Two-wheelers

The majority of road accidents in India are those driving two-wheelers, taking the lives of thousands of people every year. It is a common sight to notice a two-wheeler rider cutting past the traffic, riding on the pavements, or finding a way even in small lanes.

Top 9 Foods To Be Included In Your Diet For A Safe Monsoon

Monsoon often arrives as a welcome relief to many. The scorching summer heat and humid tiring days are replaced by new hope and joy as the rain comes with new promises of life.

Two Wheeler Insurance- Types of Cover you need, Exclusions, Benefits

Two-wheeler insurance provides coverage to two-wheeler vehicles and bikes.

The weather seems to be perfect for a car drive, but your vehicle is refraining from starting, ever ben in such a situation?

Yes, we understand your problems, and the struggle is real when it comes to cars that stop suddenly.

5 Essential Things to Keep in Your Car

Cars become a second home to those who love travelling and driving. Be it driving long distance or shorter ones.

5 Tips To Take Care Of Your Eyes If You Work At A Computer All Day

Cars become a second home to those who love travelling and driving. Be it driving long distance or shorter ones.

5 Ways To Fight Depression With Health Insurance

The pandemic situation triggered a rise in depression and other mental health issues. The Supreme Court motivated the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India to allow all insurers with health insurance on mental health issues.

Dealing with Back Pain_ Causes and Treatments

Is this you, rambling about back pain? Whether it is a one-day return or every two weeks, you need to know the reason behind your back pain and how quickly you can treat it before it's late!

COVID-19 Second Wave_ Can We All Stay Safe Indoor

The breakthrough of the corona virus has led us to these challenging times. And staying healthy and disease free to prevent yourself from the virus is one crucial task. To prevent yourself from corona, it is advised to stay indoors.

Guide to Buy a Used Car

Owning a brand new car is a dream that most of us have had when growing up.

Healthcare tips: How to keep yourself safe during Diwali in COVID-19

The festival of lights seems to be around the corner and preparations seem to be at the same pace as the previous years.

How to stay healthy at home - During the COVID-19 Lockdown

With extended lockdown being the most current happening around the country, we aren’t expecting things to get normal anytime soon. However, what stays intact even during this pandemic is the fact that we need to stay healthy by ourselves.

5 Strangest insurances ever!

Buying insurance is not uncommon, one wants to secure the money involved in an asset and thus he gets it insured.

What you should do in case of accidents?

You’re driving safe. You’ve got your eyes on the road, and your seat belt on.

The new age insurance is changing the game.

The New Age insurance is evolving and we are seeing a lot of new age insurers entering the game alongside the traditional players

Keep your car in great shape!

Your car gets you safely everywhere you want to go, but it requires that you take good care of it in order for it to keep running.

A look at how far we've come and where we're headed.

When truth and transparency are built into the core of fibre of an insurance company, you know you are in trustworthy hands. This is the way of life at Magma HDI, and the fundamental reason it has been able to sell 1 million policies in FY19, as on February 21, 2019.

Buying insurance? We’ve removed the fear factors.

We understand your fears and apprehensions and here’s what we have done to put an end to that Magma HDI general insurance’s range of policy for your health and assets:

How Magma HDI liability insurance makes you a responsible citizen?

It is hard to name a single businessman who hasn’t taken risks, but you will know many brave ones who trusted luck and risked everything. Truth be told, as a responsible business owner and citizen, one needs to be prepared with and Magma HDI offers a wide range of liability policies

Here is how Magma HDI is revolutionizing claim settlement.

Thanks to the technology, computers or the smart phone in your hand filing a claim has never been easier.

Buying a house? What you need to know about home insurance policy

Home is a name, a word, it is a strong one; stronger than magician ever spoke, or spirit ever answered to, in the strongest conjuration. – Charles Dickens

You’ve made the big decision to purchase a dream house: reality is finally sweeter than your dreams! Congratulations.

This Raksha Bandhan, do it differently!

Someone has rightly said that siblings are your only enemies you can’t live without.

Did you know you could safeguard your precious gadgets/equipment with this one step?

Connectivity has become the fourth pillar of our rations today.

What is the claim settlement ratio?

Have you thought of your insurance claim getting rejected? Scary is’nt it?

Do I need marine insurance?

Insurance provides the safety net required to protect the financial integrity of your personal and professional needs. If you are in the business of sending or receiving physical goods from one destination to another, insuring your goods and business interests inevitably becomes your priority. 

Mistakes to avoid while buying a health insurance policy

Given the rising healthcare cost, a sudden medical emergency can put a significantly hole in your pocket. A health insurance policy, therefore, is an absolute must to get timely and expert medical help for yourself and your family. Plus, the added tax benefits help you save money.

Health insurance v/s critical illness insurance: All you need to know

There’s an ongoing debate between the importance of health insurance and critical illness insurance.

Get the peace of mind you deserve with one step

We all know that setting up a business and buying an asset takes a lot of time and toiling, it may be a car, your dream house or simply a household item.

Everything you need to know about engineering insurance

Does your business rely heavily on machines and equipment? If yes, then you surely must’ve heard about machinery breakdown insurance. Even if you haven’t, worry not, we’re here to explain

How to find affordable personal accident plans with these easy steps

Congratulations! That’s a very smart decision you’ve made, having decided to get personal accident insurance for yourself. But what now? Not sure where to start or which insurance to get? Don’t worry, that’s why we are here – to help your find the right plan using our truth lens 

Why do you need health insurance in India?

We’re always talking about how densely populated India is but have you ever stopped to think what it means for us? Well, the metros are over-crowded for one, but there is more. 

Everything you should know about bike insurance in India

If you own a vehicle, most likely it’s a bike. A two-wheeler is most people’s first choice due to the low price and easier upkeep. The latter.

7 things you need to know about public liability insurance

Accidents happen. Sometimes due to negligence and sometimes due to sheer bad luck.

Bought A New Car This Monsoon Season? Don’t Forget to Buy Car Insurance Too

Driving around in a new car is an exciting feeling. But with owning a car, comes the responsibility of keeping it safe on the roads.

How NCB Works for Car Insurance?

Your car insurance comes with an annual premium, which helps you bear the financial losses that may arise due to an accident.

How to renew your bike insurance?

Are you wondering why it's important to renew your two-wheeler insurance on time? Well firstly.

What the world would be like if general insurance did not exist?

A world without general insurance is a world with millions of financially unprotected people. It may even be compared to a person without vaccination! The going is good as long as you don’t contract major diseases.

The only travel packing list you will ever need!

“I don’t want to go on a holiday!” SAID NO ONE EVER.

7 things to keep in mind while buying health insurance in India

Health insurance happens to be one of the most serious decisions of your life as far as your health is concerned. Good health insurance policies ensure you the much-needed peace of mind, as it protects you and your family against the various health hazards that may find you unprepared.

Here, we will look at seven things to keep in mind before buying health insurance in India.

Best Bikes to ride in your youth days

The thing about youth is that it is not everlasting. It comes and goes before you might even realize.

Best Two Wheelers to Buy in India

Two-wheelers come as saviors at a time when Indian roads are bustling with traffic. It is particularly annoying when you are going out for a ride. If you are alone, then rides are best experienced when you are on a two-wheeler.

How to get a 360 Degree health cover and what are its benefits

The onset of modern life has lead to various dietary and lifestyle changes. In an effort to keep up with your health and deal effectively with any health issue, it is essential to get hold of a health insurance which provides 360-degree all-round protection.

Why health insurance claims get rejected

One of the best ways to safeguarding your finances while availing medical treatments is getting health insurance. Good health insurance protects you and your family against the various health risks that life toss at us over time — it lets us have that peace of mind.

A Comprehensive Health Insurance Checklist

The health of you and your family is something that cannot be traded. You must make sure in all walks of life that it is well taken care of, and that if something falls stray, you have good health insurance to back things up.

Deductibles you should be aware of in your health insurance plan

Health insurance plans are much needed as they provide you with a sense of protection against the various odds in life. If you are trying to get the best health insurance in India for parents, or other members in your family, then you should look at a plan which offers extended cover at low premium rates.

Monsoon Safety Checklist for your cars

Monsoons might not be the ideal time to drive around. The roads are slippery, and there are higher chances of meeting with an accident. However, the rainy season does not mean that you should stop driving altogether.

Things to Know before bike alterations

If you are someone who loves riding bikes, then you would not mind spending hours end on trying to make the best out of it, modifying it so that it stands out and reflects your personality.

Common Two-wheeler issues that can lead to brake failure and its solutions

Bikes have different components, and each of them has separate sets of functions that serve different needs. However, there is one particular component, the role of which cannot and should not be underplayed — brakes.

Tips for first-time health insurance policy buyers

Our lifestyle has been changing steadily with time. These lifestyle changes have made room for several diseases that may come unnoticed .

6 Truths about general insurance you must know

Simply put, general insurance includes all personal insurance plans except life insurance..

Benefits of getting car insurance

An increasing number of vehicles on the road, along with the insufficient infrastructure to support them, is leading to a rise in the number of accidents and fatalities.

Everything you need to know about general insurance

Now that you have the relevant know-how on general insurance, why delay further? Secure yourself, your loved ones and leave all your worries behind.

Everything you need to know about marine insurance

It is always a great idea to assess your unique needs before going out to purchase any insurance. However, getting a plan that is comprehensive in nature can never lead you wrong.

The Evolution of Health Insurance

Health insurance is a necessity in today's age.

The truth about theft insurance

There will inevitably be a few exclusions to your cover. For example.

5 Reasons why you should have an Individual Personal Accident Policy

There is a false sense of security in most individuals, where one feels like they can never meet with an accident.

Affordable Health Insurance is a reality

The benefits offered by a health insurance plan are too good to be ignored just because you think health insurance is unaffordable. Do some research, and you will see that health insurance is indeed affordable and is rather a necessity for your family.

Benefits of daily cycling

In modern times, various lifestyle-related ailments such as diabetes, hypertension, depression, obesity, etc.

Five things you should know about personal accident insurance

Financial security is a priority for any family and having health insurance is one of the first steps towards keeping your family secure during health emergencies. But, what about other emergencies which are beyond the coverage of any health insurance policy?

Home Security during festive seasons

Though the home is a synonym of safety, home burglaries are common and have gone up rapidly in recent times.

What are the frequently asked questions about motor insurance?

Getting motor insurance regardless of the fact that whether it is new or old, is always confusing. Technical jargons, guarantee amount, clauses, picking motor insurance company, etc. are some things which everybody does not understand, and it leads them to make wrong decisions. They all look lucrative from afar, but which is the right one.

Buy the best car Insurance with this Guide

Buying a car is no more a family dream as people are investing in a car in their early careers. With the increase in pollution and traffic in most of the metro cities, ditching your two-wheeler for a car would seem a better idea for a comfortable ride to the office.

Car Insurance Policy status checks simplified

Thanks to higher disposal incomes and many attractive car loans available in the market, owning a car in India is no more a luxury.

Car insurance premium is influenced by these factors

Having a car insured takes many brainstorming sessions in which you have to consider several factors.

Choosing the right health insurance for our family

Health problems can occur suddenly and without preamble, and it can often mess up your financial planning with unexpected expenses.

Easy ways to choose affordable health insurance

Medical facilities in India have now achieved the status of being “world-class,” allowing the people of country with access to best treatment within the country.

Events when your Marine Cargo insurance claim gets rejected

With the continuous rise in international trade, the volume of marine cargo is also increasing.

Tips for a homeowner facing a fire or smoke damage

Disasters have many faces and can strike anytime, anywhere; they can be seen in the form of quakes, floods, gas leaks, explosions, etc.

First-time car insurance buyer's guide

Buying your first car can be a little overwhelming. You work persistently and save your hard-earned money aside to buy the vehicle of your choice.

Hazards of shipping goods by the sea & how marine insurance can help

Ocean shipping is one of the most cost-effective means to ship out your goods to international borders.