Best Bikes to ride in your youth days

Best Bikes to ride in your youth days  09th Oct 2019

The thing about youth is that it is not everlasting. It comes and goes before you might even realize. As you dawn towards your old age, you may be left to wonder if you made the best out of your youthful days or not — such is the tragedy of time.

When you are young, you will also want to experience the thrill and excitement which comes with certain activities, such as riding a motorbike. Riding is one of the popular occupations of youth — one that they rejoice in whole-heartedly.

Here, we will look at some of the best bikes that you can ride in your youth days.

Bajaj Pulsar

The Baja Pulsar is often called the first sports bike of India. It is cost-effective and comes with a unique design and a powerful engine which makes riding it a thrilling experience. It comes in several variants, with engines clocked at 150 cc, 180 cc, 200cc, 220 cc; the Bajaj Dominor even has a 373.3 cc engine which makes it fast and aggressive. If you are looking for a ride which promises good acceleration, fast speed, and decent mileage, then the Bajaj Pulsar could be your go-to option.

Yamaha FZ

Yamaha bikes are known for their engines as they perform exceedingly well on race tracks as well as Indian roads. The Yamaha FZ series is also known for its muscular look. It is finely cut out and crafted to stand out among other bikes. It has excellent acceleration, thick tires for better grip, and handling which will make you fall in love with it. Besides, its attractive digital meter puts all the riding stats into perspective, promising you a thrilling and engaging ride experience.

Royal Enfield

The Royal Enfield series particularly stands out for its stout engine and durability. You can ride it for miles straight, and the engine won’t even squeal. If you are someone who goes for long rides, then it should be an ideal fit for you as its powerful engine and huge tank capacity makes sure that you do not have to stop as often as you do with other bikes. The Royal Enfield engine is designed in a way where it can cruise for long hours without overheating.

TVS Apache

The TVS Apache series is known for its finely crafted design and a seating position which provides an excellent grip on the handle. It is also known for its acceleration and smoothness. It is a good mix of mileage and power, which makes sure that you do not consume much fuel as you cruise your way down the highway. There are several variants of the Apache to choose from, so pick one which suits your speed-need the most.

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