Benefits of Buying a Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy

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Benefits of Buying a Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy  27th April 2021


Why do you need comprehensive motor insurance even after having third-party insurance cover? What is the significance of having motor insurance from a motor insurance company in India? You might be wondering about the facilities being provided by an insurance company. Yes, there will be a variety of more such questions around comprehensive policy in your mind. Well, this piece is your one-stop solution to all those questions. Let’s get started.

What is a Comprehensive Policy?

A comprehensive motor insurance policy assists the insured person in case of accident or any third-party damage. It handles all the damage done to the vehicle due to an accident. However, you will have to renew the insurance policy timely to ensure the vehicle’s security. A motor insurance company in India provides full assistance to the insured person and the third-party.

To assure that your vehicle is risk-free and would get enough repairing facilities, India’s motor insurance companies offers various deals. Motor insurance would keep your vehicle secured and help you repair the damage in case of an accident, if you purchase one.

Now, let’s have a look at all the Primary Services that a motor insurance company in India has to offer:

  • Damage caused by an accident.
  • In case of theft or burglary, the insurance company will help you out. It will provide all possible instructions to minimize the loss and get back the asset.
  • If your car gets damaged due to any fire accident, explosion, or self-ignition, the insurance company will help you repair the damaged car.
  • Suppose someone attacks your vehicle or you come across any terrorist activity due to which your vehicle gets damaged. In that case, the insurance company will help you get the car repaired.
  • The insurance company compensates any damage caused due to a natural calamity.
  • If you get injured in an accident and need medical assistance, the insurance company will cover the medical costs but for an extra premium.
  • Any third-party damage and injury are also covered in a motor insurance policy. Thus, any damage to a third-party is also compensated by the insurance company.

Benefits of Owning a Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy:

  • You’ll be entitled to a no-claim bonus: Get a no-claim bonus at the end of the year if you don't claim any insurance within the year. It is a reward to the clients for driving safely and responsibly and avoiding an accident. The bonus amount is deducted from the renewal fee that clients need to pay each year.
  • Discounts become easy: You can obtain discounts on the comprehensive car insurance price if you own a motor insurance policy.
  • Get it online: You can easily apply and buy a motor insurance policy online. This makes insurance available and accessible for all.
  • You can go cashless and claim a cashless service: This makes the entire procedure smoother for the clients. You can claim insurance from anywhere at any time.
  • Receive your claims over a few steps: Policy documentation is super-fast and convenient in the era of digital media. You can process all the information and documents in less time with less efforts. The systems are now updated and user-friendly to make motor insurance available for all.
  • Real-time customer support: The best thing about the insurance by a

    motor insurance company in India

    is that it offers 24x7 support to the clients. Since an accident can happen anytime, anywhere, companies remain available round the clock for the clients.


Remember, almost all the losses are covered under a motor insurance policy. These services are very crucial when you face an accident. All these facilities come under motor insurance. It is therefore evident how vital motor insurance is for vehicle owners to secure their assets during a mishap.