are you picking up the right car mechanic? here are a few questions to ask

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Are you picking up the right car mechanic? Here are a few questions to ask  14th Sept 2021


After your home, automobiles are probably the second most valuable assets you possess. Automobiles are machines, and they'll undergo wear and tear with time, demanding a proper service at regular intervals.

It's only natural that you'd want to locate a mechanic who would adequately care for your car while keeping your best interests in mind. Here as we are talking about maintenance and safety features of your vehicle, so doubly ensure by dealing with only experienced mechanic or repair workshops.

There are hundreds of mechanics available in your vicinity, and making the right choice isn't always straightforward. So, let's have a look at some questions to ask when selecting a mechanic to ensure you receive the most satisfactory job for your vehicle.

Is the mechanic certified? Car manufacturers or other reputed training institutes certify some technicians to work on specific types of vehicles. If a technician gets a proper certification, it implies they've completed necessary exams and are knowledgeable about the various brands of cars. Therefore, it's always best to go for certified mechanics as you won't agree to hand over your priceless possession to an amateur person.

What is mechanic's reputation in the market? Make sure to look over the mechanic's reputation. Find out how good their service is by checking their website or any other trusted online forum for reviews. Also, ask around your petrolhead friends for inputs. A reputable mechanic will always give you better service than the competition.

What are their charges? Nobody wishes to pay an arm and a leg to get their automobile serviced. It might be challenging to locate a skilled mechanic who isn't overly expensive, but it is doable. Look for certified and self-employed mechanics who run their businesses since they are generally the most economical. If you have good car insurance coverage, it will be easier for you to pay the fees of a mechanic as most of the excellent insurance coverages offer an add-on for car servicing and repairs.

What guarantee do they offer on the repaired parts? Although many technicians provide a guarantee or warranty on their services, some do not. If possible, choose a mechanic that gives a warranty; otherwise, you will face difficulty if the problem reappears.

How convenient is to reach the garage from your place? Having a mechanic close to your workplace or home is both handy and cost-effective. It helps you save money by removing the need to travel long distances and makes it easier to monitor the progress of the repairs. You may also swiftly return to the workshop for any extra service, if necessary.

Are they good at communicating? Speak with potential mechanics and observe their approach when dealing with you. If they have time to sit down with you and explain things or go over what's wrong with your automobile, there's a good likelihood they'll take the necessary time while servicing it. If they don't have time to talk with you, on the other hand, there's a strong possibility they'll speed through the work and overlook minor things that can have significant consequences later.

Final thought: A skilled mechanic will play an essential part in keeping your automobile in good working condition and serving you for an extended period. As you look for the perfect mechanic for your car, don't forget to pair it with reliable car insurance to help you cover your repairing cost at the garage.

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