are you in your 40s here are some essential medical tests you should consider

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Are you in your 40s? Here are some essential medical tests you should consider  14th Sept 2021


Does your physical appearance matter to you more than your health? If you consider so, you need to take a minute to understand why this thought needs to be corrected. Forty is the best time to take a deep breath, do a little introspection and say to yourself, "there are a few things I need to do to ensure that I stay healthy". Just because you feel you are in great shape does not mean your health should be left unsupervised.

People in their 40s need to upgrade their game by great leaps by evaluating their well-being and planning for the long run.

Wellness and health experts suggest these few general medical tests as a preventive measure for people over 40.

1. Blood pressure – keep stress away: High blood pressure or hypertension is also known as the silent killer since the patient does not experience its symptoms until very late. It increases the risks of a stroke and other heart as well as kidney-related diseases. Hence, you must check your blood pressure every six months to ensure that you do not suffer from hypertension.

2. Diabetes – an alarm for sugar lovers: Does sugar tempt you, and your taste buds crave to taste sweet regularly? The majority of people will relate to this, and it is pretty natural. But, excessive sugar intake leads to the risk of Diabetes. To eliminate conditions like Diabetes, keeping your blood sugar level in check is essential. A simple blood test can keep you away from numerous risks like heart attack, stroke and kidney problems. So, keep a record of your blood sugar level regularly.

3. Eye and Dental exam – have a clear vision: Regular eye and dental check-ups are just as important as any other medical check-ups. Spectacles do look cool, but why make our eyes suffer? An eye check-up to ensure the best vision is essential to bless our eyes with a long life. Similarly, dental visits to keep your teeth from decaying are equally necessary to keep your teeth in good shape. Indeed your smile complements your personality and leaves an impactful first impression.

4. Mammogram – a wise thing to do: A mammogram or breast cancer screening should be practised every year or two for women in their 40s. Mammograms immensely reduce the risk of breast cancer, saving many women's lives by making a substantial difference. There is a strong message for women: spare time for your health and take care of your body. Your body demands your attention, and never overlook even a minute hint that your body gives you.

5. Health insurance tests: Recently, many health insurance companies ask you to go through several tests before issuing a policy to clients over 40 years old. This requirement has proven to be an intelligent choice for both the client and the company. Buying an appropriate health insurance cover post 40 will be the best gift you can ever give to yourself.

In your 40s, you discover considerable life changes as you feel more in charge of your life. So instead of allowing your 40-phobia to get in, turn it into an elegant transition. This is the time when you need to be careful and alert.

What do all the above signify about planning your health routine after turning 40? Regular medical check-ups and signing up for health insurance should be a top priority to lead a healthy life. Simply getting medical tests done is not enough. If tests can help you prevent serious health ailments, health insurance will safeguard all your health expenses.

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