5 Things Your Parents Taught You About Fire Safety

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5 Things Your Parents Taught You About Fire Safety    25th March 2020

Right from childhood apart from studies we are taught about being safe in general, there are numerous ways in which you could hurt yourself, and thus, it is essential to know the dos and don’ts in your daily life. Something quite likely to cause a lot of damage is fire; no wonder today people have become more concerned about finding the best fire insurance policy in India so that any costs incurred due to fire damage are covered.

Here are five things your parents would have surely taught you about fire safety:

  • Know the Emergency Number: Regardless of whether you are a child or not, it is highly necessary always to remember the fire emergency helpline number, which happens to be 101 in India. While there are some steps you can take if there is a fire, it is always better to call the fire department to ensure that there is no trace of the fire left. Moreover, as a child, if there is no one around, you were most likely not able to do much, and calling them would be the only option.
  • To leave immediately: If you see a fire, especially one which is growing, you should leave the premises immediately. There is no saying how the situation might escalate, and you might end up getting hurt or severely injured if you stay indoors or hide somewhere.
  • Electrical fires: One of the most common reasons for a fire is electrical. Often, there is a shortage of power, or the wires might break, causing a fire. You must know never to try to put it out with water since you might get a shock.
  • Don’t play with flammable objects: Every household has objects such as lighters, matchboxes, candles, and other flammable ones, which could potentially cause a fire. It is essential to explain to children what these objects are for, and what damage they could cause if played with, like fire can be harmful and how these objects make use of fire, instead of merely keeping them away, especially since children are curious by nature. Also, when cooking, children should not be allowed near a burning gas and should not be left alone in the kitchen.
  • Keep heaters and other appliances away: Most people use heaters during the winters to keep warm, and they must take precautions to keep such appliances away from the reach of children. You must ensure that their toys are nowhere near the heater or that they don’t play around such appliances since there is always the possibility of knocking it over and causing a fire.
  • While it is very crucial to take all the precautions when it comes to fire and to teach children about its possible threats, it is also essential to have a fire insurance policy in place to cover any costs due to fire. You must make sure to choose only the best fire insurance policy in India to ensure that you would not have to pay a considerable amount to repair any damages.