5 myths of Home Insurance

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5 myths of Home Insurance   12th Feb 2020

Home insurance is one of the most common insurance that people buy, but most of the buyers do not know about the complete limitations and benefits of such insurance policies. There are certain myths related to home insurance policies that are still prevailing in people’s minds. You can find a person buying the best home insurance in India, but he/she will be under the myth that the insurance policy does not cover this or that. People need to properly read the offer and scheme related documents before they are deciding on buying any particular policy. Some of the myths that have been there in people’s minds for long periods have been debunked here: -

1 If the damage to the home is severe enough that it is beyond repair and you cannot live in it while it is being repaired or renovated, the insurance company will put you up in a hotel or a serviced apartment temporarily while the work is being done. This is true for some insurance plans but not all insurance plans and if loss-of-use is there, it will be clearly stated in the policy. People should not be under the myth that Loss-of-use is present in all policies else they will have to bear a huge financial burden of paying the hotel fees as well.

2.Many people believe that their belongings lost in the fire will be replaced with new ones if they have a policy. However, most of the policies do not have this clause. Instead, the losses are calculated by what the items were worth before they were lost in the fire. A four-year-old computer that you bought for Rs. 50,000 may be worth only Rs. 13,000 before the calamity and the insurance company will calculate the loss by counting the price of the computer as Rs. 13,000 and not the original price of Rs. 50,000.

3.Even the plan which may be the best home insurance in India may omit coverage against flood. Floods can occur due to several reasons, such as a storm, hurricane, ruptured pipes or drainage stoppages, or ruptured sewer backup but most of the times flood is not included in the policy. If you live in a flood-prone area, there are special flood policy packages offered by selected firms but in general, it is not included in a home insurance policy.

4.People generally believe that low premium means low insurance coverage, but this is not true. You can lower your premium in many ways without reducing your coverage if you take safety precautions of your own to protect your house. If you have security devices such as fire alarms or burglar alarms installed at your house, you can tell that to the insurance provider, and your premium can be lowered.

After the fire tragedy, some items are destroyed or damaged to such an extent that for the insurer, it could be challenging to identify for assigning the claim. So, as a responsible party, you ought to click as many pictures and shoot videos as possible of the damaged, smoked rooms to show the physical evidence of the actual damage before it gets wiped by a restoration company.

5.This is a myth that you need to be a homeowner to buy home insurance. You can very well buy home insurance for your belongings and contents of the house without being a homeowner. A tenant can purchase home insurance for his belongings and in case the tenant shifts; the policy can be approved for a change of address as well. Not only this, but the homeowner can also get home insurance for the structure of the rented accommodation or the house in which there are tenants living.

While buying even the best home insurance in India, you need to be careful and read all the documents for the policy carefully to understand what all things are included in the insurance and what all things are not included in the insurance. Different policies are accommodating different perils and you must choose the one that fits your requirements the best.