15 smart tips you always wanted to know about your car insurance

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15 smart tips you always wanted to know about your car insurance  14th Spt 2021


How can you make your car insurance foolproof? The intricacies of car insurance can be puzzling, but it is undoubtedly worth the effort. After purchasing a car, an intelligent person’s first thing is buying insurance, as one shouldn’t delay good deeds. Car insurance is just as valuable and necessary as health insurance. It is crucial to be secure financially once you get behind the wheel.

We bring you tips for making the right decision so that you select the best possible car insurance policy and enjoy stress-free driving:

1. Always review the policy cover yourself to make sure it fits your requirements. Do not go for the first deal suggested by your dealer or insurer.

2. Cut down the costs of any non-required benefits provided in the policy to get reduced premiums.

3. Search for additional discounts such as membership benefits or one-time payment discounts, etc.

4. Make a sensible move and go for higher deductibles. A higher deductible will make your annual premium cost lower than expected, leading to a profit.

5. Do not settle for the first policy that comes your way. Explore your options carefully, compare every selected choice and then opt for the best suited one.

6. Usually, if you get insurance for a single car, it ends up costing more. Getting insurance for two or more vehicles at a time will save you thousands. This is known as the multi-car discount or bulk rate in insurance.

7. Insurance companies may consider the credit ratings of a driver while evaluating the premium cost. Therefore, keeping your credit rating high is only going to be beneficial.

8. A Pay-as-You-Go policy is the best choice for people who drive efficiently. This policy tracks driving to calculate your annual discounts based on how well the car is driven. So this way, driving safely can now save you additional bucks.

9. Do not forget to claim your yearly bonuses such as NCB while renewing your car insurance policy.

10. To avoid inspections of your car from the insurance company, be punctual when it comes to renewing the insurance. Companies may conduct tests on the vehicle to ensure its performance if the policy is not renewed on time.

11. Installing a certified anti-theft device in your car will get your premium cost reduced by the company.

12. Your geographical area makes a difference in the premium of your policy. Two people using the same car model, the one living in an urban zone, will have to pay more than the other living in a rural area.

13. A company providing you with a Cashless option is of advantage since you will never have to worry about arranging cash every time you make a claim.

14. Avoid waiting for your policy to get issued. Instead, take advantage of the updated technology, go for insurance that is given in a short time and does not take months to issue the policy to the buyer.

15. Switch to online policy purchase mode as you get an additional discount for online insurance.

Were you able to draw productive outcomes from the above tips that we have stated? Although car insurance is a basic necessity in today’s life, it can sometimes be cumbersome to your pocket. If not chosen wisely, one may end up paying more than required. So be smart and stay safe by considering these tips when buying car insurance.

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