15 Simple Health Tips For Monsoon

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15 Simple Health Tips For Monsoon!   14th Sep 2020

The monsoon is a welcome change for many from the scorching summer heat. It brings promises of new life with itself. Thus humans often greet this season with open arms.

But sadly the bacteria and viruses enjoy this season as well. So we need to keep an eye on our health and take the necessary precautions to stay safe. But with the growing number of diseases due to various viruses in this period, one should also consider health insurance plans in India to keep their family protected.

Here are a few simple health tips for the monsoon that every person must take up to stay fit and healthy.

1. Increased intake of Vitamin C as it fights against any deadly virus:

  • Monsoon is the time where viruses and bacteria thrive the most.
  • A rich vitamin C diet, including oranges and green vegetables, can help increase the immunity against such diseases.
  • 2. Avoiding junk food:

  • The streets are filled with puddles and potholes. These are home to a vast number of microorganisms.
  • Street foods, which are sold openly on the streets, are often exposed to these harmful microorganisms.
  • 3. Not storing stagnant water:

  • Mosquitoes are born in stagnant water. They are carriers of a vast number of diseases.
  • One must also ensure that drains are not clogged, and rainwater is not stored in any part of the house.
  • 4. Adding disinfectants in bathwater:

  • Most people like to walk in the rain. But bathing at least twice a day can do away with any health problems.
  • Use of disinfectants in the water can protect from the various microorganisms and keep one fit.
  • 5. Using ironed clothes:

  • Clothes stored in wardrobes often get cool with the damp from rain and lack of sunlight. Wet moisture causes molds
  • Ironing the clothes before wearing makes them free from these fungi besides giving a stylish look.
  • 6. Having well-cooked vegetables and fruits:

  • Fruits and vegetables skins are home to several germs.
  • They need to be adequately washed in running water before cooking them to stay safe from water-borne diseases.
  • 7. Enough sleep and exercise:

  • 7-8 hours of sleep is mandatory for an individual to create immunity and prevent various diseases.
  • Regular exercise can keep the body in perfect shape and build immunity against various diseases.
  • 8. Avoiding touching the eye:

  • Eye infections like conjunctivitis, dry eyes and corneal ulcers are common during these times.
  • In case of any irritations, doctors should be consulted. There are some

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    plans in India which can cover the cost if required.
  • 9. Maintaining hand hygiene:

  • Washing or sanitizing hands properly before having food is a must. It kills all the germs.
  • 10. Precautions against mosquitoes:

  • In-home, mosquito coils or tents should be used to stay safe from mosquitoes.
  • Several health insurance plans in India now deal with diseases caused due to mosquitoes. Hence these should be considered.
  • 11. Clipping nails:

  • Bacteria and germs often accumulate underneath nails. So they should be clipped at regular intervals.
  • 12. Protection against allergens:

  • Allergies can become severe during this season.
  • Wearing masks while going out and carrying anti-allergy medicines are a must.
  • 13. Not using wet shoes:

  • One should not be wearing wet socks and shoes as pathogens may grow.
  • Keeping an extra pair of shoes might be beneficial.
  • 14. Staying clear of damp indoors:

  • Damp walls are home to the growth of fungi.
  • People having asthma or breathing problems should stay away.
  • 15. Keeping distance from sick people:

  • Many people catch the flu or cold during this time. So it's better to keep a distance from them.
  • The monsoon usually lifts the spirits of many but often makes the health vulnerable. With some essential precautions, one can stay fit. One can even take the help of health insurance plans in India so that even when you fall ill, you can deal with the situation effectively.