Being an insurer, it is our solemn duty to look after our policyholders, our most precious assets! And, there is no greater joy than receiving a word of appreciation from these assets. Not only is it exceptionally reaffirming, but also steers us towards further improvement.

Here, we bring you some heartfelt testimonials of our customers; and also take this as an opportunity to thank them for their patronage!


Uday Desai 28th April 2022

Rakesh Prajapati provided quick support for claim settlement. I am fully satisfied with the services.

Poongodibalu 28th April 2022

Thanks for releasing the money quickly. Good job!

Subrat Jena 23th April 2022

Very Good service provided by the company person and cleared the doubts smoothly.

Pushpinder Singh 23th April 2022

Very prompt and professional service. Had a claim which was settled quickly without any fuss.

Binod Ranjan 30th March 2022

I am very happy with the service provided to me by the employee Mr. Soumya Ranjan Singh. He was very helpful, cooperative and polite with me in the entire conversation and I got the claim very quickly.

I am thankful to the employees and the management of Magma HDI General insurance Company.

Gopi S Gopi 26th March 2022

Excellent customer service. I am 100% satisfied with claim manager's service. Quick claim settlement is one of the best quality of Magma HDI.

Thank you Magma team for your dedicated work. Hereafter, I will be a regular customer of Magma HDI.

David 21th March 2022

I am David S from Tamil Nadu. I am really satisfied with Magma HDI for the quick response and payment towards my claim. I have got two claims and had been responded properly and politely. I am so satisfied with the quick response of the surveyor Mr. Sarath Kumar Mariyappan who had been polite in responding and took quick steps to get my claim.

Somvir Ahlawat 21th March 2022

Great service provided!

Gargi Kundu 18th March 2022

I have car insurance with this company. I am very happy and satisfied with Magma HDI. The service and claim process is hassle-free and smooth.

Thanks Ranit Mukhopadhyay for your support and service.

Abhishek Patoa 17th March 2022

I am a happy customer of Magma HDI. I claimed for 26000 and got 19000 from Magma HDI. I am very much satisfied with the service of the company.

Uv Vishwakarma 16th March 2022

Good service over all!

Vasudevaraju Konduru 12th March 2022

Thanks to Magma HDI. They processed my car claim in no time. Customer service team is good.

Thanks to manager Chandra Shekhar Reddy for his support.

Khan Ayaan 18th February 2022

Magma HDI is a very good insurance company.

Saleem Sk 18th February 2022

Excellent customer service and got claim settlement without any hassle.

Vijay Pandey 17th February 2022

We are very happy with Magma HDI's service and quick claim settlement.

Thanks to Magma HDI and Claims Manager Anand Pandeyji.

Amit Kumar 17th February 2022

Manish Jha is an excellent person and his response is too quick.

Thanks to Magma HDI Insurance Company.

Ekram Ansari 16th February 2022

Excellent work from Magma HDI Insurance Company. I am fully satisfied.

Narinder Saini 15th February 2022

Best insurance company. I got my car insurance claim very easily (location - Delhi).

Monu Rana 15th February 2022

I like Magma HDI's service, they passed my bike claim very quickly without I facing any problem. I will surely buy Magma HDI Insurance again and will advise others as well.

Rajat Sharma 15th February 2022

Best insurance and best service provided by Madanchand Pal.

Thank you!

Ranjan D 14th February 2022

Magma HDI's OneHealth is one of the best Health Insurance Policy.

Jyoti Verma 11th February 2022

My first choice Magma HDI. Excellent service people working in company, they are very cooperative and helpful. Will always recommend Magma HDI.

Zakir Husain 11th February 2022

Excellent claim support from Magma HDI. Special thanks to Mr. Anand Pandey sir for settling my claim within 2 days.

Prasad Naresh 07th February 2022

Excellent service and support. I give full point for solving my car insurance claim.

Thanks Magma HDI and team.

Sumit Jaiswal 05th January 2022

Excellent service overall… Claim services are also brilliant… My first choice always Magma HDI General Insurance…

Balu Johny 03th January 2022

My policy no. is P0022300028/1443/101592 and my claim no. is C122411312009. I had a very reliable and prompt service from Magma HDI GICL in settling my claim. The sincere and prompt services and courteousness and good manners of its company surveyor Mr. Bapi Raju is most appreciable and he deserves encouragement appreciation.

Manish Madhav 03th February 2022

I am very satisfied with the prompt service given by Magma HDI. The person dealing here was very professional and helpful. They don't seek any excuse, just understand the priblem and solve it quickly.

Hiran Chakraborty 01th February 2022

I'm very happy with the service. I got my claim without any hassle. It was really a smooth process.

Thank you Magma HDI… And special thanks to Mr. Rasamoy Biswas.

Alam Parveez 31th January 2022

I was extremely delighted by the quick and prompt customer service. The team from the helpdesk stood upto their words and delivered to me the soft copy of the policy within 10 minutes as promised by them.

Pradipta Ghosh 24th January 2022

Wonderful experience. Professional services with a friendly touch. Special thanks to Mr. Rasamay Biswas.

Maruthi Beldon 22th January 2022

My policy no. is P0022300034/4114/100002. I had a very reliable and prompt service from Magma HDI GICL in settling my claim. The sincere and prompt services and courteousness and good manners of its company surveyor Sai Anand Kumar is most appreciable and he deserves encouragement and appreciation.

Shandar Alam 21th January 2022

I am very happy with the service. I got my claim without any hassle. It was really a smooth process.

Thank you Magma HDI Insurance.

Prasoon Goswami 18th January 2022

I had good experience while getting claim for Windshield Glass of my car from Magma HDI. Got in touch with the Customer Support team and they redirected me to Mr. Yogesh Anand, who genuinely helped me in a decent way. Thank you Yogesh for your support and would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a car insurance - Go for Magma HDI, if you’re looking for a hassle-free transaction. They have good customer service.

Subhash Aindala 13th January 2022

Excellent service and guidance given by your Surveyor Mr. Bapiraju. Easy communication and hassle-free claim settlement. I am fully satisfied with your representative and Magma HDI, an a company overall too.

Singh Punam Pankaj 10th January 2022

Excellent claim settlement by Magma HDI. Mr. Manish is the surveyor, here in Purnea, Bihar. He is so dynamic, energetic and supportive.

Ankush Korgaonkar 07th January 2022

After having a bad experience with a leading general insurer for my car insurance, I switched to Magma HDI for a change and it worked. Fast claim settlement, very less documentation work and affordable premiums with maximum IDV are some of their USPs. Got maximum liability. Other than that excellent service. Truly satisfied.

Thank you Mr. Yatish Poojari for quick and full claim settlement.

Arshad Karim 04th January 2022

Excellent service from Magma HDI and Surveyor Manish Jha is very prompt and does some real quick settlements.

Thanks once again to Magma HDI.

Anonymous 30th December 2021

I am satisfied and happy with the services of Magma HDI General Insurance company.


Akshay Chavan 29th December 2021

People working in the company are very helpful and helped me to easily proceed with my bike insurance claim also give me best assistance.

Manish Verma 28th December 2021

Once again a heartfelt thanks to Magma HDI General Insurance Company and also to Mr. Manish Kumar Jha Sir who settled our claim on the spot.

Thank you once again Manish Sir.

Jayrajsinh Zala 28th December 2021

Excellent service by Mr. Vaibhav Khade. Easy communication and hassle-free claim settlement.

Jyotishankar Mandal 28th December 2021

I would definitely recommend Magma HDI for Motor Insurance. And I would also like to thank Mr. Salman Hassan who has good suggestions and knowledge for a hassle-free claim settlement.

Kudos to the team and Mr. Salman!

Priyansh Choudhary 27th December 2021

Excellent claim support from Magma HDI. Special thanks to Surveyor Mr. Manish Jha for settling my claim within two days.

Ajesh Prabhakaran 09th December 2021

Excellent claim support from Magma HDI. Special thanks to Surveyor Mr. Jayakrishnan for settling my claim within two days.

Manish Verma 09th December 2021

Really, I am very happy with Magma HDI General insurance company and would like to specially thank Mr. Manish Kumar Jha who is a very punctual person. He resolves the issue super quick.

Again thank you Manish Sir.

Sanju Karmakar 03th December 2021

Excellent customer service and got claim settlement without any hassle.

Ravi Sankar 30th November 2021

Good company and excellent support team.

Ganesh Ram 30th November 2021

Their OneHealth product is one of its kind, covering every aspect of health insurance. I have taken it for last two years and their service is very good. They have an app for customers to upload claims related documents, wellness programs, etc. Please check their website for more details.

All the best MAGMA HDI for great years ahead.

Prasanta B 29th November 2021

Thanks to entire team. Very fast service by MAGMA HDI. Response is very good. One executive Mr.

Rasamay Bishwas from Durgapur (Burdwan) settled my claim within few days without any hassle.

Neeraj Singh 26th November 2021

I am really happy with Magma HDI's determination to finish everything on time. I know it wasn't easy, but I also knew the company could do it. Their helpful attitude makes it clear that they can continue to take on new challenges and grow. Thank you for the extra efforts. Special thanks to Dinesh, who made the process smooth. Wish you all the best Dinesh you made my day, keep shining through your great work.

Just an amazing experience with Magma HDI!

Boota Singh 15th November 2021

I insured my car from Magma HDI. Insurance premium is very nominal. I got very quick and hassle free settlement for my claim.

Sunil from Magma HDI was very supportive and handled it very professionally.

Bala Yashwanth 01th November 2021

Quick, hassle free and easy to communicate with Magma HDI's customer service team.

Praveen Lads 31th October 2021

In my opinion, MAGMA HDI is good and my surveyor Mr. Balakumar is really good (both work and communication).

Processing of claim was faster than I had expected. Maybe it's because of the surveyor.

Saran Kvlm 30th October 2021

I had given my vehicle KL66A9760 for claim and Manu Muraleedharan has been appointed for survey. He explained about self survey through the app. I followed the steps and the claim got approved the same day. When the vehicle work got completed;

I submitted bill and recieved the claim amount the next day. Magam HDI customer support and service is very fast. I recommend Magma HDI General Insurance to everyone.

Mukhjit Singh 25th October 2021

Magma HDI’s welcome call was very good and informative. Came to know a lot about the policy’s terms and conditions.

Thank you Magma HDI for keeping it so transparent.

Umakanta Dash 12th October 2021

I want to express my appreciation for the excellent customer service that I received from Magma HDI.
I hope that this is the kind of service that your Company will offer permanently as this is what a customer desire. Thank you for your quick response This issue was pending since a long time and finally by your help, the issue got resolved.

Thank you once again!

Abhishek Sharma 18th August 2021

I received my car with all the repairs done along with the settlement amount within no time. Great efforts by your team members (special thanks to them) who were assigned my case. I believe that a company with customer service as their greatest virtue has a very bright future.

I wish good luck for your company and a great future. Thank you Team Magma HDI!

Rohit Kumar Nayak 05th August 2021

Thank you Team Magma HDI for the quick response. No follow-ups were required to get the status update of my car insurance.

Thank you once again for such a wonderful and excellent service provided.

Ananta Malik 31st July 2021

Thanks a lot, to Magma HDI in general and to the executive taking care of my case in particular.

I am truly satisfied and pleased with the kind of service provided to me.

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