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We believe in Truth and Transparency.

General Insurance in India

can be a complex subject to deal with but that’s ok, we will make sure we let you know what’s important in the simplest possible way. 

When buying general insurance online, you often ignore the fine print and the terms and conditions that are hidden from the plain sight. We clearly specify what is covered and what is not by highlighting important terms about your policy. Our goal is to give you best service and admissible claims.

Why is what we do so important?

We have products that are relevant to you and nothing that you don’t need. We understand the value of your assets and help you protect what matter the most right from your car to your home. Aside personal assets we even cater to industrial and marine products.

Our car insurance, health insurance or even home insurance plans are designed to cater to the masses. All it has taken for us is the dedication to ensure truth and transparency in all our dealings because Truth Must Be Told.

What do we have under our general insurance policies in India?

Motor Insurance: Whether you suffer from a minor accident or a major accident! We’ve got you covered

Health Insurance: We sure hope you always remain in the pink of health! Not just individual but also family plans along with additional covers that are designed for the time of need.

Personal Accident Insurance: Though we cannot predict accidents we can definitely be prepared! Our individual personal accident insurance ensures you get the right cover in case you have to face the agony of accidents.

Home Insurance: Home is where the heart is and we understand that. We have plans that cover various risks which a home owner is exposed to.

Fire Insurance: We won’t let fire burn a hole in your pocket! Take a look at our fire insurance policies.

Liability insurance: Fear of a third party liability! Fret not because we have policies that cover liability insurance

Marine Insurance: Protect what’s in transit with our Marine cargo insurance policy

Other Insurance: Apart from insurance policies for individuals, we also offer a wide range of industrial and engineering products for businesses that will depend on the type and scale of your business.

What’s more important than insuring – Claiming!

When you buy  online general insurance policy it, automatically reduces your effort and is backed by the same stress free claims process because hey ultimately that is what matters the most right?

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